Do you believe in the Trinity?

Posted by: JasperFrancisShickadance

God the Father, Jesus (God's Son), and the Holy Ghost/Spirit

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11 votes


10 votes

I'm Atheist

2 votes
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socialdisorder says2014-07-12T21:32:49.5140656-05:00
I believe in the metaphor of the trinity, not a simplistic literal trinity as described by most so called christians.
buthitlerisdead says2014-07-15T09:19:04.9404781-05:00
Why is "I'm atheist" an option? This poll is so poorly made. There are plenty of non-Christians who aren't atheists, and there are plenty of Christians who don't believe in the trinity. These options would have been better: "Christian who accepts the trinity," "Christian who does not accept the trinity," "Non-Christian."
Splenic_Warrior says2014-07-15T13:32:45.9342015-05:00
Shouldn't the atheist category be the same as the "No" category?
imdoc says2015-09-07T01:08:47.2708382Z
God is not a God of disorder ......
imdoc says2015-09-07T01:12:39.1707842Z
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imdoc says2015-09-07T01:15:22.1481630Z
Why did a yes vote get added when I voted No. It went from 8 to 8 after I voted it went to 9 to 9 . Go figure!!!!!!

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