Do you believe lowering age of consent would expose young people to sexual abuse/exploitation?

Posted by: stephannoi

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No,lowering age of consent doesn't encourage pedophilia or make sexual exploitation easier.

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Yes lowering age of consent would be a haven for many pedophiles.

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countdooku says2017-01-11T07:52:25.0219593Z
@ stephannoi There is no necessity to alter age of consent besides we already have law that apply close in age exemption for children below the local age of consent which means they wouldn't be put at risk of prosecution when they have consensual sex.
countdooku says2017-01-11T07:54:30.4927593Z
I believe a further reduction on age of consent would create an exploitative environment in which older adult could easily manipulate children without fear of being punished.
countdooku says2017-01-11T07:55:18.2131593Z
You must be mad about lowering age of consent.
reece says2017-01-11T12:09:26.1089614Z
Stephannoi, can you stop? What Is this, your fourth or fifth poll now about lowering age of consent?
Mharman says2017-01-11T13:31:59.2617461Z
@reece: Maybe there's an underage person stephannoi likes.
Vaarka says2017-01-11T14:24:36.1401461Z
I remember watching a video about ages of consent in other countries vs consent age in the US, and in most places, the age of consent is 16, though in some places as young as 13. Technically speaking, pedophilia is not an attraction to "minors", being people under 18. Tbh, most people can say they're attracted to 16 and 17 year olds because they've matured. Pedophiles aren't called pedophiles for being sexually attracted a 17 year old girl; they're pedophiles for being sexually attracted to young children (as in younger than 10). Pedophiles are attracted to girls that have yet to reach puberty, so we're talking *young* children. There is also a different term for people who are attracted to kids who are currently in puberty, so basically kids between 11 and 14, and then there is a final term for people attracted to mature teens, usually between 16 and 18, which in most countries is an okay thing. Lowering the age of consent would probably not become a "haven" for many pedophiles, because logically, the age of consent would probably only be lowered to 16. If for some reason they said "let's make the age of consent 10!", then you would probably get the "pedo haven" idea.
stephannoi says2017-01-11T23:42:04.5769145Z
@ countdooku Where is the evidence that lowering age of consent expose young people to abuse ? Child sex offender would commit crime anyway regardless of the age of consent so lowering age of consent doesn't stop them from offending.
stephannoi says2017-01-12T01:51:22.0045145Z
@ Vaakara Yes and I believe we should ban feminism because of their anti sex ideology. Stupid Feminism !!!!!
stephannoi says2017-01-12T01:52:27.1345145Z
@Vaakara I am an anti feminist and I support lowering age of consent in USA .
stephannoi says2017-01-12T01:54:17.3173145Z
@Vaakara I also support legalized abortion,contraception,and prostitution because I am an sex positive antheist.
stephannoi says2017-01-12T01:56:27.7177145Z
Do you agree with me ??

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