Do you believe Marriage should be defined between a Man and a Woman by the constitution Nationwide?

Posted by: jjohnmusic11

By amending the constitution this will trump the supreme courts decision and Marriage should be defined between a Man and a Woman nationwide.

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Love is love

24 votes

God Created Adam and Eve.

8 votes

It already is, they only added a new idea.

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Black-Jesus says2016-02-14T16:58:06.1429496Z
These options are strange
TBR says2016-02-14T17:12:32.6086478Z
Yea, fail on the answers. There will be NO constitutional amendment. Support for SSM is above 60% at this point. No chance in he11 of amending the constitution with that sort of support.
Heterodox says2016-02-15T13:33:29.7386060Z
Federal government being involved in things it's not suppose to be is a problem. No, I do not approve of granting the federal government more authority over anything than it already has. I on the other hand will continue to define marriage, a religious institution, as between a man and woman.
Huitzilopochtli says2016-02-15T14:42:25.6691888Z
All men (and women) are created equal. If one defines love as a romantic human connection of great magnitude, then we cannot deny that love exists between LGBT individuals. Therefore, if marriage is an institution whereby a number of individuals may express their love for one another, who, indeed, are we to get in the way of this? Freedom of expression, people.
gateboy6 says2016-02-16T00:14:09.4350934Z
"Love is love," is completely irrelevant to the debate. Marriage is not about "love," it's a legal contract between and man and a woman.
whooplaah says2016-02-22T05:58:39.8085778Z
Marriage already has a definition and history which can be traced back to Moses and the Israelites. Marriage is a religious concept. My stance is that marriage should not be recognized by the government at all. The government should recognize civil unions between any combination of consenting adults - the only benefit of this is in the legal realm (inheritance, taxes, visitation, etc). Marriage is for churches and religion; the government shouldn't be involved at all.

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