Do you believe pedophilia is an sexual orientation just like hetero-and homosexual ?

Posted by: haydenchristen

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No,they aren't.Pedophile is an mental illness.

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Yes ,Pedophile is an sexual orientation

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Pedophile should be legitimize as homosexual has been.

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stephannoi says2016-02-26T22:44:03.4706167Z
There is an scientific evidence support according to Research testimony,that pedophile is an sexual orientation just like the same manner as homo-and heterosexual.People who born with pedophilic tendency can't change just like people who born gay difficultly to change to be normal.
ghostrecon says2016-02-26T22:54:00.2702248Z
@stephannoi Having an sexual attraction is not wrong,in fact it's normal to have sexual attraction based on your favor.You can like someone but i would taken into concern than you're act should not be abusive.
ghostrecon says2016-02-26T23:04:56.5993758Z
Pedophile are actually more likely be termed as paraphilia rather than an sexual orientation.However They should not be discriminated or stigmatized by people.In my opinion they deserve equal treatment and treat fairly equally to others.Society should try to understand them not condemn them.
Fictionia says2016-02-26T23:56:17.7280122Z
WARNING: This might be offensive to some people. I'm not trying to be insensitive. I'm trying to be realistic. People don't understand the concept of a pedophile. It's an over age person (always, this condition or whatever it is grows when you're older) who wants to have sex with a child. Not kissing, not nice romance, but sex. Whatever twisted fantasy or story you have read that condones pedophilia is gone, and this is reality. Let's date back to the 1500's, where priests would rape children. Young children, who would later grow to become scarred for life. This is not a sexual orientation. This is sick, and only someone with a mental condition could do such a terrible thing. As well, every single case nowadays with a pedophile involves rape, and children being forced to do unhuman things to a grown man! How is that a sexual orientation? A sexual orientation is a thing you should be proud of, it's a positive thing about who you are. With the tragic past and instances that lie within being a pedophile, it can't be a sexual orientation. I get it if you can't help but think of kids in an overly-sexual way. I get it. But it's not normal, or even sane or politically correct (and I mean the real kind). It means there is something wrong with your head, and it has been scientifically proven that pedophiles do link to mental disorders. I'm not trying to be insensitive here (while I know I sound insensitive). I'm just trying to sound realistic.
triangle.128k says2016-02-27T00:07:55.7076864Z
There's obviously a big difference between the morality of homosexuality and pedophilia. It's absolutely ridiculous for any child to have any sexual feelings without having some mental illness. Thus, a sexual orientation with children involved is immoral. If two same-sex people feel attraction, then it's not immoral if they're consenting.
harrytruman says2016-02-27T02:09:34.2746750Z
Like homosexuality, not like heterosexuality, and like homosexuality, pedophiles can easily chose not to be pedophiles just as gay people can chose to be straight at will, but they don't because their minds are in the gutters so they oversexualise everything and act unnaturally. In their sexual behavior.
BrendanD19 says2016-02-27T03:29:03.2616708Z
@harrytruman no, you don't just choose to be gay, just watch this video and it will explain it.
dietorangesoda says2016-02-27T03:59:58.8702210Z
@gooseontheloose that is exactly pedophiles they have a preference for children so they do classify as a sexual orientation however unlike homosexuality it can never be accepted by the public because children cannot consent
stephannoi says2016-02-27T06:44:44.3493337Z
The DSM-V has classified pedophilia in the category of sexual orientation.However it's also a mental disorder due to abnormality sexual preference but it's also a sexual orientation. Society fail to acknowledge that some of them have a emotional feeling of love,guilt,and sympathy to children not all of them are violently abusive toward a child.
haydenchristen says2016-02-27T07:49:59.1632285Z
@ stephannoi You may be right.Due to the fact that majority of pedophile do not use overwhelming of physical force in an sexual relationship,i do believe that sexual activity between adult and a child is not always harmful in some scenario in sometimes adult can bring positive feeling to a child make them fall in love.
PetersSmith says2016-02-27T18:48:33.5874303Z
Apparently the APA does not consider it a sexual orientation: "In response to misinterpretations that the American Psychiatric Association considers pedophilia a sexual orientation because of wording in its printed DSM-5 manual, which distinguishes between paraphilia and what it calls "paraphilic disorder", subsequently forming a division of "pedophilia" and "pedophilic disorder", the association commented: "'[S]exual orientation' is not a term used in the diagnostic criteria for pedophilic disorder and its use in the DSM-5 text discussion is an error and should read 'sexual interest.'" They added, "In fact, APA considers pedophilic disorder a 'paraphilia,' not a 'sexual orientation.' This error will be corrected in the electronic version of DSM-5 and the next printing of the manual." They said they strongly support efforts to criminally prosecute those who sexually abuse and exploit children and adolescents, and "also support continued efforts to develop treatments for those with pedophilic disorder with the goal of preventing future acts of abuse.""
stephannoi says2016-02-29T16:01:14.5383381Z
@ haydenchristen Just because some pedophile did not use physical force or coercion in having sex with children doesn´t mean children truly able to consent to sex. I don´t deny,sex between adult and children can be consensual but If consent obtain by deceit or grooming that does not constitute as a informed consent even if the child intially agreed to what an adult asken for because consent is not voluntary free choice by a child.
ghostrecon says2016-02-29T16:16:47.1123161Z
@ stephannoi If a child are able to make an approval in having sexual relation with an adult then they are capable to consent.Because the term ´ consent´ is a interchangable synonym world to agree to sth or sb.
ghostrecon says2016-02-29T16:18:56.7647472Z
Studies prove than young teen can make informed decision in many thing and they have a social sense to do so.
ghostrecon says2016-02-29T16:32:21.2307040Z
And how could you always say that adult is taking advantage of a child maturity eventhough relationship is between them is consensual.What if in some situation where an child asking and adult in favor to have sex ? Who would you blame ? Would you blame an adult, the child, or both ?In fact it´s not always adult fault because sometimes it´s the child interest and favor to have sex with an adult and they choose to do so.
ghostrecon says2016-02-29T16:35:25.1090827Z
@ stephannoi What if in some situation where a child asking an adult in favor for having sex
countdooku says2016-02-29T16:57:08.3414367Z
@ ghostrecon I agree with you what you have said.Although as you said,in some case where a child want to have sex with an adult i believe they should be legally allowed.It´s not fair for an adult to be criminally prosecuted for which they haven´t violate the right of children.In fact childhood sexual experience with an adult does not always result in long lasting potential harm .
countdooku says2016-02-29T17:03:16.3009954Z
I further comment,, Concering on right of child and adult,if their desire and interest is on the same thing,they should have a right to engage in consensual relationship.
countdooku says2016-02-29T17:25:51.0209802Z
It´s true that children and adolescent becoming sexual active at very young age ,i guest it´s because puberty age statistically are declining while many children have gone through puberty early especially in their preadolescent years ( age 11-14):
countdooku says2016-02-29T17:33:33.2452318Z
If we have an proper sex education with an advance knowledge perhaps it´s possible that children may have a wisdom to understand what sex is and the consequences.
ghostrecon says2016-02-29T17:38:41.6742195Z
@ countdooku i can understand what sex,love and pregnancy already when i was as young as 13 years old.Nobody have to teach,i know it by myself.
Carolean_Karl says2016-03-03T16:46:35.5110495Z
I think that some people are born with natural tendencies to become pedophiles based on genetics in the same way that some people are born with natural tendencies to become homosexual (and no, I am not equating pedophiles to homosexuals).
lordsidious says2016-03-04T14:16:52.4358229Z
@Carolean Karl Pedophile are born in the way they are just like gays are born gays.This is way pedophile is a sexual orientation which it's unlike to many other mental disorder.
lordsidious says2016-03-04T14:18:59.8262395Z
Sexual activity with a child is not always immoral,some children can make rational informed decision not to allow anyone manipulate them easily.
lordsidious says2016-03-04T14:20:50.3373479Z
Children are definetly more intelligent than mentally handicapp or anyone with disabilities.Besides mental disabled group does never have a ability to make decision in their lifetime.
dathc says2016-03-31T17:14:07.7186807Z
Impressive,a majority of people thinks pedophilia is a sexual orientation.I hope this number of people double increase.
dathc says2016-03-31T17:15:53.0817561Z
I hope this number of people would double increase.
lanzy says2016-03-31T17:22:53.5044511Z
@dathc It might very likely be possible that DSM could declassified peodphilia as mental disorder in the future like what they have proceed the same to homosexual in 1970s.
lanzy says2016-03-31T18:52:16.1636269Z
In the past we were unfair to LGBT people and they never can have equal right.This kind of discrimination should not be incite and the same with pedophilia we should be fair to them.
lanzy says2016-03-31T19:01:01.3877937Z
Accept pedophile as a sexual orientation should be affirmed in the psychiatry group research.
lanzy says2016-03-31T19:14:47.6782904Z
They also deserve to gain equal treatment and not subjected to discriminatory prejudge by the society.
lanzy says2016-03-31T19:20:55.0918456Z
Some pedophile are not abusive violent to children while some children may take pleasure in being in relationship with an adult.
dathc says2016-03-31T19:27:48.0500289Z
@ lanzy gay and lesbian sex unfortunately still remain illegal in many country around the globe.Look at example in the middle east region and some region in africa.Penalty for homosexual sex is death !!!
dathc says2016-03-31T20:43:41.1067860Z
There are a lot of narrow mind people exist in our society unjustly mistreat those innocent people.
Mister_Man says2016-04-02T21:04:57.9372162Z
The amount of whimpy liberal pansies in the world is getting ridiculous. It is a fact that being attracted to specifically one demographic is called a sexual orientation. Homosexuals like the same sex, Pedophiles like young kids. This doesn't make it okay, but to say it isn't a sexual orientation because "it makes me feel bad" is just pathetic.
stephannoi says2016-04-03T05:20:14.7908442Z
@ misterman You are not completely correct.Pedophilia is accepted in some region of world particulary middle east or even in usa.Look at an example of new hampshire.Girls can marry with parental consent at age of 13 boys at age of 14.
stephannoi says2016-04-03T05:21:40.3573927Z
I am astounded that there is still practice of child marrigae in american society.
stephannoi says2016-04-03T08:21:58.2467377Z
And child marriage is increasing dramatically in USA.
DavidMancke says2016-04-25T22:43:05.8095819Z
NO! To entertain this as normal is dangerous. Shame!!!
stephannoi says2016-04-26T09:59:25.3628733Z
I just hope sooner or later in the future pedophile would be decriminalize in america.In my opinion we should tolerated all form of child sexual abuse.
stephannoi says2016-04-26T10:03:18.0383648Z
Pedophile should be free from discriminatory prosecution intolerance and we should allow them to have sex with children.
stephannoi says2016-04-26T10:06:46.1904991Z
But i am happy that majority of you viewed peophile sub-type of sexual orientation.
haydenchristen says2016-04-26T18:42:13.5447793Z
@ i predict there will be an major reform in society attitude toward pedophile in the future perhaps it might be possible there will be more people seemingly accepting pedophile as homosexual has been.
haydenchristen says2016-04-26T18:46:28.1384113Z
This is why i create this poll because i expect majority of people to vote the first option '' pedophile is a sexual orientation''.
haydenchristen says2016-04-26T18:50:53.4337119Z
If the society appreciate pedophile as a sexual orientation the probably having sex with young children is normalized as well.
haydenchristen says2016-04-26T18:55:42.4099643Z
I am very proud the see this !!!!! This is what i have been waiting for long time except this to happen.
haydenchristen says2016-04-26T18:56:53.0784173Z
This is what i have been waiting for long time expect this to happen.
triangle.128k says2016-06-08T23:41:12.7498867Z
Haydenchristian is obviously a lunatic and a pedophile too. She sees nothing wrong with pedophiles yet she has stated that homosexuals should be executed.
stephannoi says2016-06-09T04:18:17.0889411Z
@triangle 128 I don't think haydenchristen is a pedophile since she is a girl and is only 14 years old.According to DSM,pedophilic diagnosic must be at least 16 years old and 5 years older than prepubescent children.But she is a pedophile advocate.
stephannoi says2016-06-09T04:19:27.9382365Z
@ triangle 128 Haydenchristen is my best friend.
triangle.128k says2016-06-09T04:27:09.3648000Z
Then your best friend is a lunatic, and (s)he has awful grammar too.
triangle.128k says2016-06-09T04:28:29.5967786Z
And now you're being sexist claiming only men can be pedophiles, what a retard.
haydenchristen says2016-06-09T06:20:57.3146570Z
@ triangle 128 My real name is actually talitha batmann and i am a child actress.
haydenchristen says2016-06-09T06:23:00.7598309Z
Well i am a anti-gay activist and i do not support gay rights. I believe majority of homo and bi sexual are pedophile.
triangle.128k says2016-06-09T06:23:21.9294380Z
Do I look like I give a damn?
triangle.128k says2016-06-09T06:24:57.5748773Z
I don't give a damn if you're a child actress, but I highly doubt you are talitha bateman. Also, look how you spelled her name wrong.
triangle.128k says2016-06-09T06:26:20.5840736Z
Homosexuality and bisexuality also have nothing to do with pedophilia, so I am pretty sure that you're utterly retarded, you degenerate.
lanzy says2016-06-09T06:29:30.3201506Z
@haydenchristen Yeah i agree with you because both pedophile and homosexual are mentally disturbed since from birth.According to Archive Sexual Behavior acedemic,, have previously examined that 88 % of pedophile identify themselve as either bi or homosexual.
lanzy says2016-06-09T06:30:42.0962107Z
This why i think gay should not adopt children because this would only lead to child abuse incidents.
triangle.128k says2016-06-09T06:30:56.4285782Z
@lanzy Cite your sources please, fellow degenerative subhuman.
lanzy says2016-06-09T06:32:33.8241269Z
@ triangle 128k http://www.Rense.Com/general24/reportpedophilia.Htm
lanzy says2016-06-09T06:35:11.9155403Z
@ triangle 128k Believe it or not,but you should admit that it's a truth fact.

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