Do you believe people with Aspergers are mildly autistic or socially awkward?

Posted by: Fight4Liberty

This is an opinion poll and is not meant to criticize or put down anyone with Aspergers.

21 Total Votes

Mildly Autistic

18 votes

Socialy Awkard

3 votes
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discomfiting says2014-04-20T13:14:55.6968150-05:00
Elaborate on what you're asking. Aspergers is a not a mild form of autism, it is a high function autistic disorder.
Fight4Liberty says2014-04-20T13:15:52.9696505-05:00
Got it. Can you remove polls?
KatWarrior says2014-04-20T13:17:39.9669210-05:00
It's much more than just being socially awkward, and it's not mild autism, like discomfiting said.
Fight4Liberty says2014-04-20T13:18:09.4861256-05:00
Can you remove polls?
KatWarrior says2014-04-20T13:23:37.5348093-05:00
I'm not sure, to be honest. Sorry. :/
Fight4Liberty says2014-04-20T13:24:14.2257741-05:00
Thank you though!
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T14:53:30.7264023-05:00
Well this is disrespectful to people with Aspergers. You could've easily researched Aspergers before you posted this poll.
Fight4Liberty says2014-04-20T18:57:56.3141681-05:00
Actually, edibleshrapnel, I have done plenty of research on the topic as I have Aspergers. How do I know this; I've known the desolation of not having a friend in middle school, as well as high school. Being able to argue and debate like a pro, but never being able to "talk." Social cues and sarcasm is a challenge to pick up on. Also having the frustration of having others ask me what a word means when I've known since I was a youngster. Can't go to concerts as a normal teen can, my hearing drives me crazy. If you take me in a city, I feel like I'll die. Whilst my age group is antagonized/obsessed with celebrities, music, fashion etc, I've focused on five subjects, Politics, Religion, Survivalist, selected Science topics and Horses. Anything else disinterests me. People ask "What the heck is wrong with you, have you no heart?" simply due to the fact I never cry at movies, or the news while they do. Strangely though, I am actually athletically skilled. This was a negligent mistake on my part for putting the "mildly" autistic. -I had been researching other mental disorders and subconsciously put this. This poll was actually created upon the request on my own curiosity and other Aspergers I have known which have wondered the same, "Do 'normal' people think I'm autistic/(high function autistic or just think I'm socially awkward? " I do understand your point and thank you for being willing to back others.
Jifpop09 says2014-04-21T14:57:27.5172656-05:00
So your own medical opinion leads you to believe you have aspergurs? People with the burgs are insanely repetitive and slow to under new themes. If they believed something when they were seven, then they wont give it up when they're 30
Kreakin says2014-04-21T19:41:21.8942053-05:00
@Jifpop09 - That comments even more ignorant than your usual posts, well done : )
Fight4Liberty says2014-04-21T21:16:13.4880312-05:00
I never said my own, "medical opinion leads you to believe you have aspergurs?" I was listing personal reasons as to how I know this. I may have consulted a Medical Professional and not listed? Yes, Asperger people are repetitive. In movements. And where in the living heck did you come up with "If they believed something when they were seven, then they wont give it up when they're 30." Source? Also, "slow under new themes." - When it requires socialization. I.E talking - Actually, most are above intelligence. - I've known as Asperger who is a millionaire through establishing their own companies. (not really sure what you are trying to infer. For the last two, please research more.

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