Do you believe religion is a form of human right abuse ?

Posted by: stephannoi

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Religion teach people about equality,truthworthy,and peace.Don't blame on it.

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Yes of coure religion are responsible for primary cause of violent conflict,discrimination,and homophobia.

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RonaldTrumpkin says2016-06-23T15:22:34.8365479Z
Biased and stupid poll is biased and stupid.
face1995 says2016-06-23T17:05:33.4267121Z
Oh, I forgot to mention in my vote comment that religion's negative teachings usually don't influence people too much. Like the Bible and the Quran has verses encouraging the killing of those who are not of their religion, while most people in those religion disagree with that teaching of their religion. Yet, people assume that terrorist activities are done by Muslims. I find that very horrid and a big huge hatred against Muslims. What right do we have to do that to any religion, especially that randomly simply because of a few verses in their holy book that encourage violence?
stephannoi says2016-06-23T20:11:36.5618702Z
@Face1995 Religion is the root cause of athat sparked violence all over around the world.Think about wars and genocide doesn't it comes from religious teaching ?
stephannoi says2016-06-23T20:15:30.6413707Z
Woman especially in those fanatic religious countries such as Middle East often are being subjected to domestic violence and unfair treatment. They are being stoned to death for committing adultery,extra marital sex or witchcraft which it' isn't truly suppose to be judge as a crime.
stephannoi says2016-06-23T20:19:24.5024698Z
I am an antheist and I support to crack down on all religious people as to condemn them.
bamiller43 says2016-06-24T17:13:29.4588925Z
B-but they're both true.
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-15T02:55:58.2546440Z
Ridiculous why am i wasting my time on this biased poll.

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