Do you believe same sex couples should have the right to marry, why or why not?

Posted by: Pegasister1

I was a little shocked to not see this on the list of opinions in the profile editing.

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IamPlato says2014-04-07T13:37:23.2510120-05:00
NO why should they that's stupid. Rolling eyes. None of your polls have ANY CREDIBILITY
vekoma123 says2014-04-07T13:50:22.7838261-05:00
'Nahhhh......It harms the cultural traditions of some countries like Thailand and Japan.' Cool, their countries can decide what marriage laws they wish to instate, but those are just 2, not all.
Kc1999 says2014-04-07T13:52:34.5411926-05:00
My point is that religion and traditions are harmed by same-sex marriage.
SNP1 says2014-04-07T13:54:22.6505786-05:00
Why should religion matter when it comes to the legal system? Why shouldn't culture be subject to change?
Kc1999 says2014-04-07T13:55:48.5180970-05:00
Because in order for a country to advance, it must understand it's people and it's history, not attempt to change it's people in a way that would be unfavorable. I bring up religion because there is almost no part of society where religion hasn't penetrated it.
vekoma123 says2014-04-07T13:57:51.7550314-05:00
Kc1999, you say that same-sex marriage harms those things. What evidence do you have that straight marriage rates have been affected by gay marriage? What evidence do you have that religion has been harmed by gay marriage, to the point where people don't celebrate it because same-sex marriage exists? The bible is absolutely meaningless to use in these debates, if that's what you're going at. The bible has been manipulated by man since its creation, and there are many different 'traditional' marriages in the bible that are outside of a plain ol' man and woman couple.
Kc1999 says2014-04-07T14:05:38.3496495-05:00
@Vekoma. One, I'm Buddhist, not Christian. Buddhism views homosexuality as a result of the sexual lust/kharma done in previous lives. I feel like any arguments brought foward against homosexuals by Christians are shallow arguments, based on words that we humans have thought to be divine. What evidence do I have the homosexuality harms straight marriage? Since I love my glorious fatherland so much, I'll use Thailand as an example. Divorce rates have been going up and up, along with gay marriages in Thailand. Apart from that, during gay marriages in Thailand, they completely eradicate the normal system of Thai marriage, and adopt some western type marriage; this eradicates the identity of the Thai people. Geeze, I love Thailand too much.
Haroush says2014-04-07T14:09:44.8706582-05:00
I don't have a problem with them getting "married". I have a problem with them calling it marriage. Does anyone want to break out some authentic original dictionaries? I don't think so. Furthermore, I don't agree with religious ceremonies being performed for gay civil unions. It's just not right. If they want to get together fine... If they want the benefits fine.. (even though I don't agree with this for good reason) Though don't try changing biblical concepts. It's just not right.
vekoma123 says2014-04-07T14:13:25.6432734-05:00
@Kc1999 1. ‘If that’s what you’re going at’. That means that I did not say that your religious affiliation is Christianity, but under the possibility that your argument may be ‘justified’ by the bible. 2. You claim that all arguments brought against homosexuals are shallow arguments, yet you advocate for the Buddhist view as sexual karma, which can be seen as shallow as well. That’s a bit hypocritical, eh? 3. You say that divorce rate have been going up, alongside the amount of gay marriage. What says that those two are linked? What statistics show whether or not that gay marriage has cause the divorce rate to go up because it exists? Please show me them, 4. So what is the ;normal’ system of Thai marriage? I understand that independence as a cultural identity can be a good thing, but how does gay marriage completely destroy Thai culture to the core?
discomfiting says2014-04-07T14:14:13.0741597-05:00
@KC1999, i don't know where you were taught Buddhism but there is no view point on being gay like there is Catholicism. The Buddha never spoke of sames-sex marriage or gay couples, some sects believe it is sexual misconduct others believe it is okay. Since Buddha never said anything about it and everything I've been taught from Buddhism, I feel that saying they shouldn't, goes against the entire foundation of what the Buddha dedicated his life to & taught.
briantheliberal says2014-04-07T15:31:04.2543361-05:00
There is no logic based reason why gay couples shouldn't be able to marry. The only people who oppose it for any real reason are religious, those who aren't religious and oppose usually just hate gays and neither reason should have any impact on the law.
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-08T07:13:28.6189498-05:00
Be Careful NAY sayers GLAAD is watching YOU............
imawesomedude says2014-04-12T02:53:14.4648216-05:00
NEVER. It goes against god. Marriage IS between a man and a woman.
discomfiting says2014-04-15T02:40:57.6202063-05:00
@everybody against it's against god. I forgot that your god and Catholicism created marriage and homosexuals weren't being married in pagan era, by ancient greece and roman. You people are stupid.

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