• Yes

  • No

39% 9 votes
61% 14 votes
  • hes not real hes just your parents in diguise

  • Believing that Mr Claus is real is just dumb, but if he were real he should be arrested.

  • when i was 7 i caught my mom and dad putting the presents under the tree and drinking the milk and eating the cookie.

  • Seriously. Seriously? People think this is real? Oh dear.

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Mars13 says2016-12-03T03:40:57.5625509Z
Of course there is no magical being who flies around the globe gifting strangers on Christmas.
Nanubot says2016-12-03T16:58:16.4200066Z
Santa Claus (the fatso that flies around, trespassing into family's homes), is not real. While Saint Nicholas the Christian saint was real, Santa Claus is, of course, not.
Geogeer says2016-12-05T18:25:06.2901512Z
What is Santa Clause if not the spirit of giving in the name of St. Nicholas?
frankfurter50 says2016-12-05T19:24:25.4457853Z
Nanubot, nanubots aren't real either.
DanTheBoricua says2016-12-22T04:30:39.0982514Z
Uhh...Who else goes inside of my house, and gives my things to homeless people. Wait a second, where's my car?

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