Do you believe that abortion should be legalized?

Posted by: minny

In at least some situations

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IcySound says2015-02-02T11:51:22.8834411-06:00
No exceptions indeed, Hanspete.
minny says2015-02-02T11:58:54.2607606-06:00
Hanspete, you should have selected "yes" if you believe there to be some exceptions
Philocat says2015-02-02T12:04:29.7289658-06:00
To insist that those who believe that abortion should be legal when the mother is in danger should vote yes in this poll is an appeal to extremes fallacy. As when one is talking about abortion they are talking about abortion in general and not exhaustively. For example, one can still support the criminalisation of murder even if they accept that there are some exceptions where murder is justified.
minny says2015-02-02T12:07:58.1757135-06:00
He still supports legalization to some degree. Therefore, he should choose yes.
Philocat says2015-02-02T12:11:04.5020941-06:00
Supporting legalisation *to some degree* is not equivalent to supporting legalisation *in general*, which is what this poll is about by default considering you did not specify specific situations of abortion. I refer you back to my example, which demonstrates the flaw in your logic :)
minny says2015-02-02T12:19:48.8211417-06:00
I specified in the description, "at least some situations." So that does not mean "in general."
Philocat says2015-02-02T12:51:22.3894185-06:00
In that case, I apologise. But if a 'no' vote is equivalent to a categorical denial of abortion with no exceptions then this poll becomes, to some extent, a non-entity. This is because the vast majority of pro-lifers would permit abortion in cases of the mother's life. Ultimately, it does an injustice to pro-life people because they would be voting 'yes' to this poll, which makes them look like they are pro-abortion even when this couldn't be further from the truth.
minny says2015-02-02T12:59:57.3667149-06:00
I don't know anyone who is pro-abortion. I would personally never get an abortion. But who am I to stop someone else from making their own decision?
minny says2015-02-02T13:00:48.5181312-06:00
Like, you support the RIGHT to an abortion. Not abortion itself
Philocat says2015-02-02T13:08:08.8040640-06:00
They're de facto the same thing. For example, it is pro-slavery to say 'I would personally not own slaves, but I support people's right to own slaves'.
minny says2015-02-02T19:08:50.8559014-06:00
I guess this is all up to interpretation

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