Do you believe that big foot exists?

Posted by: Dilara

I don't really believe that a "big foot" exists. I believe that there is a possibility of some weird mutated creature that is responsible for various sightings. It could also be some type of humanoid thing or an animal of some kind. I highly doubt it's a monster but it's still gun to read about and watch films about. There's probably a

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There are reasonable explanations for most things. These sightings are probably of bears or escaped pet chimps.
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The world is a weird place.
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There have been fossils of other humanoids found in various parts of the world that dates back to only a couple thousand years ago. Also there are so many sightings of "big foot" and strange missing persons cases that take place in national parks an... d forests mostly in the Pacific north west that were not hoaxes. It's possible there is some type of animal that we don't know about yet. There have been many species of animals that we have not found until very recently like the bily ape from Congo   more
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I don't know enough about this

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Formerland1 says2014-06-24T19:00:28.4393369-05:00
Is there a " a Bigfoot like creature existed at one point and is is remotely possible some specimens could still exist" category.
Dilara says2014-06-24T19:03:55.8560592-05:00
That's where I stand former land. There have been fossils of other humanoid animals (not our kind) that have been found in Asia and Europe. The weirdest thing is that these fossils date back to only a couple thousand years. It's possible some type of humanoid creature could still be around today.
sourhead0043 says2014-06-24T20:18:50.4117410-05:00
Yes, they found an animal in Texas a year or two ago, it was on the news, they said it looked like the way bigfoot has been described and their are pictures on google images
Dilara says2014-06-24T20:32:26.8223572-05:00
Sourhead where in Texas?
Sfaulkner says2014-06-24T22:54:10.3062995-05:00
There were Bigfoot-like creatures, such as Gigantipithicas, but if they still existed a reliable source would have known by now.
Almog says2014-12-20T07:44:17.6809910-06:00
If bigfoot existed, he's dead now. This legend has been pondered forever

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