Do you believe the Italian surgeon by the name of Sergio Canavero will successfully pull off a body transplant? (links in description)

Posted by: reece

  • Yes, medical advances have already taken care of the problems we face in this frontier. Sergio is the only one brave enough to take the first step.

  • No, there's too many complications with nerve connections. At the very least the body will be partly if not mostly dysfunctional, assuming there's no rejection.

60% 3 votes
40% 2 votes
  • I feel like we lack the science and tech for it to be successful. I'm not even sure if it'll be possible in the future.

  • Look at the bodies natural rejection of organ transplants. How much greater will the rejection be when it's an entirely new body? How will the brain react to having all new organs that have not been calibrated and musculature completely foreign to the host. Lets not go into the difficulty and potential for cross wiring CNS circuits or simply bleeding out before the detachment/attachment is complete.

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UtherPenguin says2015-09-24T16:49:57.4211272Z
Today head transplants, tomorrow Cyborgs :D

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