Do you believe there are intelligent alien civilizations existing outside Planet Earth?

Posted by: pozessed

Humans in space don't count.

  • Yes

  • No

97% 37 votes
3% 1 votes
  • The chances of life on Earth were one in a (too big a number). But it happened. I think there are other life forms out there in the universe. We were very lucky, so might they.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Sure. Might be wishful thinking, but yes!

  • Yes. I'm confident that there are other planets in the universe that harbor biological life. Some probably even have intelligent life.

  • Yes. The universe is too big to rule out this possibility. It is certainly possible that a planet (or a moon) with alien civilization exists somewhere in our galaxy itself.

  • Yes, and it's a MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY. There's no denying it.

  • Hard to imagine as huge as the Universe is that humans are the Only intelligent life form. How conceited are we?

  • The universe is a *big* place. It's almost a certainty, really. The odds of one in our galaxy, or even the same overall area of the universe, somewhat less likely(read: almost certainly not).

  • There are millions of planets in our galaxy. There are millions of galaxys in the visible universe. I find it arrogant for us to believe we are the only ones in our infinate universe.

  • Yes. And it would be impossible to know if they have already dominated the galaxy. A race of aliens 10000 light years away, for example, would have 10000 years to colonize the space around them before it would even be possible for us to observe them. Humans went from fire and bricks to super colliders in a few thousand years. In another thousand we might have colonized the star system. Who knows what others could have achieved by now?

  • Yes. What is interesting is whether that life uses the same genetic code as all life on our planet does or not. If it does then it suggests some sort of common ancestry - wouldn't that be fascinating.

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pozessed says2013-09-14T12:15:28.7900026-05:00
Intelligent civilizations OF aliens**
tahir.imanov says2013-09-14T12:33:11.6023716-05:00
There is no evidence to support it, also there is no evidence saying otherwise. But if there is alien life form, and they are intelligent enough for interstellar travel, and they visited our Solar System, then they are smart enough not to contact us. Humans are multicellular viruses on the surface of Earth.
pozessed says2013-09-14T13:13:07.6992495-05:00
Why comment if you won't post an answer? I didn't ask if it was scientifically proven, I asked for your belief.

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