Do you believe there is going to be a second lockdown in the United States?

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Starlord616 says2020-10-25T00:04:42.9194975Z
FreedomBeforeEquality what do you mean?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-10-25T00:35:42.4862889Z
I mean I will not abide.
Shamayita says2020-10-25T04:47:37.6732324Z
@Starlord616 he prolly means that even if there's another phase of lockdown, He will not follow it or abide by it.
Starlord616 says2020-10-25T07:07:46.1432123Z
How come?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-10-26T00:32:47.6437667Z
Its survivability is way too high to be treating it the way we do. That and it simply isnt worth the sacrifice I have to make to give the impression to these people that I care. Im dying here too. Why should I be the one to sacrifice my freedom and my life for them when they can take personal responsibility to the same degree and stay home safe themselves. It doesnt need to be a situation where because everyone can't have a cookie. . . No one gets a cookie.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-10-26T00:37:10.9093667Z
People who feel there is a risk. . . Stay home. This kind of stuff reminds me off the PB&J arguments going on in public schools and such. One or two kids are allergic to peanuts and the whole staff and student body has to screen lunchboxes for it. Stay out of other peoples lunch boxes and you won't have anything to worry about. That or keep an epi pen around for the few that are going to have a reaction. Society as a whole does not need to be overhauled to support a few with issues. . . The cost effective and moral way to take care of that is to work it the other way starting at the person with the issue.
Starlord616 says2020-10-26T01:04:55.0561660Z
Surely if there is any risk of widespread illness or death we should take it as seriously as possible. This virus has a much lower survivability rate than seasonal influenza and newer data suggests that while 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, 15% are severe infection, Requiring oxygen and 5% are critical infections, Requiring ventilation. The only life or freedom of life that your are sacrificing are the people at risk of this disease you could potentially be spreading by not following quarantines. We need to set a precedent because it's not fair and actually dangerous just to let people out if we think the virus may not hurt them. This risk of staying in is far lower than going out.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-10-27T23:31:09.3248862Z
Life is too dangerous for some people with phobias, But that should not be my problem. Really by your standard you are putting me a fault for letting anyone die ever. I refuse to take responsibility for natural occurrences or the tendencies of other creatures, Be them viral or whatever. All for the same reason I am not responsible for what you go out and do. I live with parasites on me all day, The people living off my tax dollars. I don't claim any responsibility for the bad things they go out and do or who else they spread their bad ideas off on, All while I bank roll them. They aren't living off of me because of anything I chose. Natural occurrence thrust upon me that we all have to deal with now. Can't get rid of them. Thats just life I suppose. . .
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-10-27T23:51:13.1535693Z
Also you are using an argument for it based on the relative risk to something else completely survivable, Im not sure how that works. I mean, The flu is way more deadly than chicken pox. . . Should we then be doing this sort of stuff for the flu? We've had people walking around with HIV for decades upon decades and they don't have to contact trace, Quarantine, Or any of this other garbage. We aren't shutting down economies over it or outting people for having it. Its not about survavability at all or how marginally more survivable the flu is. Its about how on one of your faces you don't want people to know your medical business so you aren't ostracized by society or discriminated against. . . And then the other one you want to socially punish people for not wearing a damn mask. I don't wanna catch all the hepatitis and stuff nasty people out there carry either. . . But everyone is allowed to live here. Just going to have to deal with that risk. Its all going to become self evident in another couple months when they see how unsustainable shutting down everything, Sanitizing, And limiting people is. You aren't ever going to fully get rid of anything. At some point you guys will wise up and get over all the restrictions or you risk all of the things you think youre protecting.
Starlord616 says2020-11-04T00:23:47.7266743Z
1. "Life is too dangerous for some people with phobias, But that should not be my problem. " your right someone's fears of heights shouldn't a probably doesn't affect you. However fear of covid is not irrational and thus is not a phobia. It is a genuine concern for many people because it is truly dangerous for both human health, Technology, Business, Politics and economics. 2. "Really by your standard you are putting me a fault for letting anyone die ever" I would never make this judgment, However, The people who do not listen to health professionals like your self do lengthen the time covid will remain at large and put countless more people in unnecessary risk. 3. "I live with parasites on me all day, The people living off my tax dollars" if you don't like tax just don't pay it. This point is irrelevant to the conversation. 4. "And then the other one you want to socially punish people for not wearing a damn mask. " just like anyone else who doesn't follow laws and people needlessly at risk.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-11-04T02:15:36.4636693Z
What is a "needless risk"? That sounds awfully subjective.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-11-04T02:19:47.2008620Z
I think we needlessly risk everything by letting people who don't value social interaction enough (so much so that they are willing to give it up and take away other peoples ability to do so in the process) rule the rest of us. Thats completely needless on our part.
Peppa330409509309 says2021-07-30T23:12:07.2110210Z
I am not sure about that because it can happen either way.

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