Do You Believe World Peace Will Ever Be A Reality?

Posted by: pozessed

42 Total Votes

No. We will blow up the planet first.

36 votes

Yes. It will happen.

6 votes
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Cowboy0108 says2013-09-10T10:32:32.7861184-05:00
World peace is very possible. All we have to do is kill all mankind so their would be no one to fight a war with.
DogzRule8413 says2014-02-12T23:35:44.7550173-06:00
What is the point of fighting, anyway
HyperZero says2015-10-24T14:12:04.6368690Z
World peace is possible but without Humans. There is too much hate in this world for us all to be at rest. For humans, it is far from Possible :D

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