• Love making

  • Sex

76% 13 votes
24% 4 votes
  • Love making is for those who do it because they love each other.

  • Neither of these photos are "love making". they look like lustrous teenagers.

  • I love making sex :)

  • Love making. Sex makes it impersonal and sad. I think many young woman have self esteem problems because they have given into the "just sex" idea. I don't know maybe it is generational

  • At the end of they day most people don't sleep with someone because they "love" someone. Its mainly because they have the horn

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EllieB says2014-04-17T15:20:48.4514840-05:00
Both. "Love making" is self-explanatory: it only occurs when two people are in love- often in a committed relationship. Sex can be anything really; it doesn't necessarily mean f***ing someone you meet in a club. It could be that, or it could be experimenting or just having fun with someone. Either way, no-one has the right to judge you for 'having sex' rather than 'making love'- because it's your choice. Both can be equally enjoyable.

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