Do You Care What American Politicians Do Or Don't Do For their Government And Country?

Posted by: pozessed

  • I care

  • I couldn't care less

100% 15 votes
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  • Yea, especially my country.

    Posted by: yay842
  • replace politicans, turn the public into the legislative branch. require 75%of country approve a proposed law by vote by mail before it becomes law. remove exsessive laws. add more rules to restrict gov corruption. ban elected representatives from being paid w gov$/benifits, unless their poor they get the same welfare as everyone else ban gov workers from payment unless their isnt anyone willing to do the job for free. require no gov worker can be paid more than minimum wage, unless there isnt anyone willing to do the job for minimum wage. disqualify anyone running for elected position, that receives or asks for prv contribution or uses prv property for their campaign. fire and ban from gov jobs: elected reps that receive or ask for a gift. put gov under 24-7live public video surveilence. subject gov to suprize inspections done by non-gov inspectors unpaid by gov. require gov workers report gov miscoduct as long as not under risk. reward anyone who reports gov misconduct under risk disqualify anyone elected to an elected position, to ever be elected into another elected position. ban from gov jobs, elected representitives who dont do what the majority of their voteing district wants them to do(as long as its constitutional and non hypocritical).

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Battaler says2013-09-15T21:07:37.4141893-05:00
Definitely, their job is extremely important. Politicians should be humble and respect the position they hold. They should be taking everything serious, read every bill in full detail, hold meetings in the area they represent so that anybody can attend and listen to his people peoples concerns. They should always have the constitution in mind, with their goal being always to protect and live by it.

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