Do you collect things? If so, what? If not, why?

Posted by: Shield

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Used to.

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heyfur_1213 says2015-06-28T21:33:28.3527819-05:00
I just realized you made this poll. I want to collect something, I just don't know what. I did used to collect each state's 25 cent coin, since the back of each state's 25 cent coin is different. I lost the book before being able to finish the collection, but inevitably that had to end anyway, I don't know where my book went. I'd imagine if anyone took it or found it that they at least got a few dollars from it. It was a special unique book. Specifically made for 25 cent coin collecting. It'll have a place for you to place the coin in and it'll say the state's name either under or on top. I really liked it. I think collecting money from each place I visit in the future would be cool.
Shield says2015-06-28T21:34:57.5954988-05:00
U probably have my fingernail clippings in a bag somewhere. :P
heyfur_1213 says2015-06-28T21:40:40.2679046-05:00
Definitely, your toenail clippings too. And your hair. Even took a pair of your smelly socks. Mmm <3 Now that's true love.
Shield says2015-06-28T21:55:32.9205670-05:00
Well u already know what i did to an item of ur stuff, so yeah. Plus i have a bunch of stuff....
heyfur_1213 says2015-06-28T21:57:05.5395481-05:00
I most certainly do. Can't ever forget that view. Yes you do haha, do as you please.
Shield says2015-07-02T10:48:35.4709255-05:00
Interesting how no ones said no
heyfur_1213 says2015-07-02T11:11:48.3148779-05:00
Only 8 people voted, two used to collect(Id say 3, counting myself), and three do, I dont think thats odd given the amount of people that voted.

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