Do you consider Islam a religion of peace?

Posted by: GabeLipworth

With rising Islamophobia, many people in the West fear this religion. After countless terrorist attacks, rising Islamic Fundamentalism, can we consider Islam to be a safe religion that we can welcome easily here?

  • No

  • Yes

82% 31 votes
18% 7 votes
  • If you take the time to look into the verses in the Quran that discuss the potential for violence, you'll find that this religion genuinely promotes hateful violence and brutal murder. That isn't to say all Muslims are evil killers, just that the religon of Islam in and of itself is inherently violent.

  • Almost picked yes by accident because of the switch-up. I can safely tell you that the only people who picked "yes" thought it was "no." the efforts of the pollmaker failed, because, obviously, everyone detected the switch-up. good job guys.

  • I don't think any religion is a religion of peace. I don't care if it's Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, or Native Cultural beliefs, but all discriminate and all of them create divide.

  • isis

  • A very small minority of Muslims are terrorists, and you can't judge anything based on the minority. Your average Muslim person is peaceful and hates terrorist just as much, if not worse, than we do.

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Iacov says2016-12-15T14:35:10.1006855Z
Which form of Islam?
GabeLipworth says2016-12-16T09:59:48.5552797Z
@lacov Just the religion itself.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-12-17T21:38:34.4698237Z
All religions are by their very nature competitive and therefore paranoid and assertive. Every major religion in the world, from Christianity to Buddhism, has a history of committing violence.
RickieDaDebater says2016-12-25T02:12:00.4762793Z
"No" is on the left, don't get confused.
kikiki says2017-01-06T17:01:05.5270286Z
Does the Qur'an have verses about kindness, equality, love, patience? Yes, and a lot of them too. I was quite surprised how many nice verses it has. But does it have verses about war, battle and conquest? Yes, definitely. I wouldn't call Islam a violent religion any more than Judaism or Christianity, but it ceartanly isn't a Religion of Peace.

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