Do You Consider Natural Disasters To Be Evil?

Posted by: pozessed

  • Evil

  • Not evil

6% 2 votes
94% 32 votes
  • IF, I repeat, IF, Men's greed spawned an age of technology that IMBALANCED the systems of nature resulting in occurring disasters that otherwise would've never happened naturally then the answer is YES. However, if Men's greed is naturally part of nature then the answer would be NO.

  • its not evil, its just nature and it happens because of coincidence, unless it was artificial and man-made, then it would be evil

    Posted by: yay842
  • its coplicated

  • Are you an Idiot? It's nature dipshlt.

    Posted by: leojm
  • Weather is strictly phenomenons that occur because of interactions in nature.

  • Moral evil has to do with choice and intention. Since physical processes without life neither make choices or have consciousness or intentions they can not be morally good or evil.

  • Nope.

  • Its a natural disaster.

  • I see natural disasters to be the earth's way of getting rid of evil people

  • how can something with zero intent or intelligence be evil?

  • Evil is defined as "harmful to others, morally reprehensible etc." and nature does not set out with purpose to harm others. Nature is a force, hence the term "force of nature". In some regards, we humans may actually incur the wrath of nature, through our pillaging of land, destructive effect on the environment, over consumption of materials, pollution and perhaps other disturbances.

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leojm says2013-09-10T19:09:20.8514443-05:00
This is the type of questions that are left to be unanswered.
pozessed says2013-09-10T19:24:14.6878899-05:00
I disagree Leojm. This question is fundamentally asking if people believes evil exists in nature. If evil doesn't exist in nature some people may realize questions about their faith that they hadn't provoked before. Satan for example; if evil doesn't exist in nature, Satan A)can't exist or B) was not a creation of God. If A is true then we are our own evil. If B is true God would not be the creator of everything as most religions imply. This is just my logic, it may be funked up but I think it makes sense.
leojm says2013-09-10T20:08:55.0352221-05:00
Lol. Nah. I disagree. People will think it's evil if only they are high on drugs. Or overly Jesus freaks.
MasturDbtor says2013-09-15T18:32:50.8253703-05:00
Define "evil".
kage300492 says2014-01-19T18:05:24.1669369-06:00
No...No...No...Everyone knows the big bearded/non-bearded, male/female non-male/non-female, living non-living, existing non-existing, being non-being controls everything so it must just decide to kill at random or for its own justified reasons... :D

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