DO YOU CONSIDER... "wolf-whistling" a form of sexual harassment?

Posted by: Mister_Man

Check it out yall -

  • Yes

  • No

56% 14 votes
44% 11 votes
  • For one whole month for goodness' sake!

  • I would find it extremely disconcerting. I'm grateful I've never had that happen.

  • It is sexual harassment because it objectifies the individual which the wolf-whistling is done to. It doesn't matter the context. Wolf-whistling, in any form, treats the person as nothing more than a sexual object. People should be treated as people and not as things.

  • It is and it is QUITE ANNOYING too.

  • Its just a form of a compliment! Its not like you're whistling, and then molesting them!

  • Depends what the intention is of course. 9 times out of 10 it's probably perfectly fine.

  • It's not, and to consider it that is bs. It's a compliment nothing more.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-04-30T10:33:10.0661051-05:00
I wonder if those who voted No read the description...
Mister_Man says2015-04-30T13:25:50.6031841-05:00
Bet you everything I own if the guy was attractive she would love it.
mishapqueen says2015-04-30T13:26:36.8142922-05:00
I don't know about her, but I definitely wouldn't.
Mister_Man says2015-04-30T17:01:59.5699453-05:00
That's one of the differences between girls and guys - girls have whistled at me or honked their horn as they drive by or whatever, and every time I take it as a compliment and I'm instantly happy and it's a big mood lifter. Makes me feel even better if they're attractive. I don't know any guys who have ever complained about a girl whistling or saying things to them. But a lot of girls I know don't like it and consider it objectification and sexual harassment. However if the guy is attractive, they consider it a compliment. And some girls I know just like it altogether. But more girls don't like it, whereas more guys do like it. It's weird.
mishapqueen says2015-04-30T17:03:22.7790332-05:00
I don't like it because it reduces men to animals and women to a hunk of meat. It's demeaning to both parties.
Mister_Man says2015-04-30T17:08:09.7447122-05:00
"objectification" is the stupidest word in the world. Considering someone attractive does not mean you consider them a sex object...
Mister_Man says2015-04-30T17:08:37.7470712-05:00
How so?
mishapqueen says2015-04-30T17:09:48.0931651-05:00
Wolf whistling is treating a girl like a sex object. If you want to tell a girl she is attractive, do so with your words and actions and woo her, don't whistle at her like she is a dog.
Mister_Man says2015-04-30T17:18:09.4476006-05:00
I don't wolf whistle, but if I did, I wouldn't be "treating her like a dog," it would be a non-verbal way of saying she's attractive. By that very logic, simply complimenting her features would be considering her a sex object. Whistling is nothing more than a way to say a girl is attractive, and although it's not the best, it's anything but intended to be disrespectful in most cases.
mishapqueen says2015-04-30T17:19:32.5431550-05:00
Honestly, if a guy ever whistled at me, I'd think he was a perv and would lose all respect for him.
Mister_Man says2015-04-30T17:20:11.5637558-05:00
And why is that?
mishapqueen says2015-04-30T17:24:11.3878408-05:00
Because I want to be treated with respect, and it feels demeaning for guys to "compliment" me in that way. I'd like to think the guy appreciated my personality more than my body. And I'd obviously return the favor to him. Because beauty will inevitably fade, and so if a relationship is valued off of appearance, it too will fade. Now, I'd be fine with it if I was already involved with the guy and knew he valued me as a person and a friend first, and as a sex partner second. But if a stranger did that, there is no way I'd talk to them.
Episteme says2015-04-30T17:34:00.7165962-05:00
Mishapqueen - I completely agree with you. Objectifying an individual and finding someone attractive are two different things. You can find a person attractive because of their mind, because of their laughter, you can even be attracted to their body - so it's not exclusive that 'attraction' is objectification. You can find someone attractive for more than just a sexual object. Objectification is either the intentional or unintentional action in which devalues the individual it is done to. Those who do wolf-whistle, might say that they think they are being nice to these women, without realising they are implicitly sexist. People have implicit biases that we need to eventually be aware of and attempt to change it. There's a difference between being civil and being rude. Wolf-whistling - when neither party knows each other and this is non-consensual from each party - is not civil. Why? Because it's a judgement call, based solely on how the other looks. Because it is based solely on looks, it is objectification of the person the wolf-whistling is done to. Making a judgement call, and voicing it in a rude, public, and disruptive way, about someone solely based on looks is objectification of that person.
Mister_Man says2015-04-30T17:36:21.9870506-05:00
Well the first thing anybody notices about someone is their appearance. It would make sense for a PERSON (men aren't the only ones who do this) to compliment the first thing they see. How does it feel demeaning and disrespectful for guys to whistle like that? Because when girls whistle at me, I take it as nothing but a compliment and am happily surprised when a girl whistles.
mishapqueen says2015-04-30T17:37:10.2742890-05:00
@Episteme, yes. One thing that bothers me is wolf whistling jumps straight to sex without forming a relationship first. A random guy on the street has no business trying to compliment me in that way without bothering to actually befriend me. I'm not there just to please him.
mishapqueen says2015-04-30T17:39:04.1138093-05:00
@Mister Man, That's because you aren't a girl. There are a lot of guy pervs out there, and that type of behavior is threatening, especially if the girl is alone.
Episteme says2015-04-30T18:07:53.4565659-05:00
Mister_Man: Quite a few men wouldn't want to be whistled at either because they realise that it actually is demeaning to them. Just because you feel a certain way, doesn't mean that you are representative of the male population nor that your feelings are necessarily in the normative. Regardless if the intention is meant to be 'complimentary', behind it, it actually shows how much society values appearance more than anything else. Normatively - society should appreciate people for more than just their looks. I'm not saying don't appreciate appearance - I think appearance should be appreciated, but there's more to the world than just that. There's more to people than their appearance. Mishapqueen: A woman who is wolf-whistled at is forced to hear something that is rude and demeaning. No one should be forced to hear something that is forcibly rude and demeaning. I completely agree with you on that.
mishapqueen says2015-04-30T18:10:30.0225815-05:00
@Episteme, sounds like we agree on this topic. :)
Mister_Man says2015-04-30T18:48:35.2751616-05:00
"Hey, you look good!" - I'M OFFENDED! ...In all seriousness though, I don't think I'll ever understand, no matter how much someone explains it. I like it when girls whistle or honk their horn or yell something at me. Makes me feel good and gives me a huge confidence boost. Girls take it as objectification and men take it as a compliment. Although I can see to an extent why some people wouldn't like being whistled at, this whole word "objectification" is just so bullsh*t. I can't look at a girl or compliment a girls' appearance or consider a girl sexy without knowing her without be labelled as a misogynistic ass who objectifies women. It's just retarded, and really gets to me. I'm shallow for having standards, I'm shallow for considering girls attractive without knowing them, It's a bad thing to take notice of a girl's appearance.... I'll never get it. I'd go as far as to say I can understand why some people don't like being whistled at, but to call it "objectification" is just dumb. Nobody is treating that person as a "sex object" by taking notice of their appearance.
Varrack says2015-04-30T19:07:21.6408020-05:00
Taking notice of a girl is sexual harassment? That is really stretching it. Might as well penalize even looking at all girl.
mishapqueen says2015-04-30T19:09:54.3667600-05:00
Wolf whistling doesn't sound like "Hey you look good" to me. It sounds like "I want to have sex with you." I'm not okay with strangers doing that to me.
Episteme says2015-04-30T19:22:02.6907213-05:00
I don't think I said in my argument that we shouldn't take notice of appearance at all. I said that society values it too highly. Why should it be valued so much? Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't take notice of appearance at all. Appearance is important - but it shouldn't be valued as highly as it is in this day and age. People should be valued for so much more than just their appearance. I didn't say that taking notice of a girl is sexual harassment. I said wolf-whistling is sexual harassment. Telling a girl privately that you think she is pretty and that you would like to get to know them more as a person should be okay. But this is okay because it's private and not a public display of sexual harassment, like wolf-whistling is. As mishapqueen says, wolf-whistling takes notice of a person sexually and merely sexually and not as anything more. Mister_Man: Why do you think the idea of objectification is dumb and "bs"? I would like to understand your reasoning behind this.
Mister_Man says2015-04-30T19:48:15.3059744-05:00
No. NO. I can't stand that argument, and seriously no offense at all to you, but this whole "society values appearance, society says who's attractive or not, society shaped you to think this girl is attractive and this one is not, society this this this blah blah." NO!!!!!!!!! Society did not wire my brain to be attracted to slim girls with long blonde hair. This whole argument that "society values appearance too highly," is ridiculous. The majority of people sharing a common interest does not mean "society values appearance too highly." It means the majority of people consider appearance an important thing; demonizing this is ridiculous and won't accomplish anything. I'm not going to reproduce with someone who I don't find sexually attractive because... Well because just that - I'm not sexually attracted to them. ------------------------------------------------------ Regarding objectification, I consider this word to be detrimental to the whole of society because it deters people from being open to other about how they feel toward them. Consider a girl sexy without knowing her? You're objectifying her. And the word "objectification" isn't even the right word. I don't solely think of attractive girls as "sex objects" because I find them attractive.... Humans are attracted to each other, and sexuality is a big part of the human race. By saying "NO" to being sexually attracted to someone is denying our basic human rights and is detrimental to the whole of the human race - that is, of course, if more than a few dozen feminists are the only ones to use this term seriously.

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