Do you consider yourself more a Conservative or a Liberal?

Posted by: atheist-eo

  • Liberal

  • Conservative

50% 18 votes
50% 18 votes
  • I'm not a primitive.

    Posted by: reece
  • Liberal both socially and economically. Only sensible side of the political spectrum.

    Posted by: Lexus
  • Merica!!!

  • I am a left wing extremist, but am also on the libertarian side. I think the government should regulate the economy, tax the rich, and make laws based on what's best for everybody, not to make the skilled people as rich as possible and to abandone the unskilled people. I believe in some civic freedoms such as gay marriage and abortion, I strongly oppose the second amendment and the PATRIOT act. Though I do believe that there should be strict laws passed preventing people from videoing ANYONE with their phones, cameras, etc. without the consent of who is being recorded. Privacy is an extremely important value that we are being deprived of in numerous ways.

    Posted by: ABG
  • I'm not pretentious so I'm just going to say "Liberals are probably right" and leave it at that.

  • There have been way too many of these polls.

  • Far-right politics.

  • I'm 100% for conservatism because if there weren't any people like me then there wouldn't be any political debates and without them, the world would be a much different place. It's arguable that without people like me the world would be a *better* place, but i'm much too conservative to find out >.<

    Posted by: Range
  • Neither. Their both right and wrong in their own way. GO MODERATES!!!

  • I'm more in the middle. However I tend to lean towards the right more than I do left.

  • Conservative, all the damn way. #THEREALDEAL

  • Conservatism is by far more logical, while liberalism is about victimization and giving out goodies to people who vote for them.

  • I believe that many of the things Liberalism and Liberals push for are wrong.

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briantheliberal says2015-01-31T21:58:53.3281609-06:00
I am liberal because I am not afraid of progression and change.
IcySound says2015-02-01T16:47:39.3174065-06:00
I am a conservative because I am not afraid of being proud of my country, and not afraid of guns.
reece says2015-02-01T19:08:48.6428496-06:00
"not afraid of guns." that's your problem.
debate_power says2015-02-02T09:34:29.8129878-06:00
@brian Truth
debate_power says2015-02-02T09:34:55.0998793-06:00
@Icy I'm a socialist, and I quite like guns.
Varrack says2015-02-03T23:19:49.5337260-06:00
I am a conservative because I recognize that the so-called progression and change is actually a decline of morality and values that are essential for our country's future.
reece says2015-02-03T23:21:15.9965428-06:00
You're scared of change :(
Varrack says2015-02-03T23:26:42.3578665-06:00
No I'm not actually. What kind of change are we talking about here?
reece says2015-02-03T23:31:22.0136884-06:00
@Varrack The evolution of morality.
Varrack says2015-02-03T23:37:16.4232727-06:00
I'd rather not watch morality sink into nothing.
reece says2015-02-03T23:38:58.1101873-06:00
@Varrack first world modern morality or Third world primitive morality. Whats better?
reece says2015-02-03T23:57:34.9314394-06:00
@Varrack On average has human morality progressed (gotten better) within history?
reece says2015-02-04T00:07:09.0471985-06:00
Conservatives and Muslim terrorists are all on the same spectrum.Their all scared of change/progress.
Varrack says2015-02-04T00:09:40.5046858-06:00
@reece, if you're going to compare me to terrorists who behead children then you're really not worth arguing with. Good day
reece says2015-02-04T00:12:42.3971878-06:00
@Varrack I will word it better. I said "the same spectrum". Conservatives are at one end of the spectrum and Muslim terrorists are at the other. The similarity is that you both are scared of change/progress.
noah_m says2015-02-08T19:13:01.5313344-06:00
I am a conservative who embraces change regarding economics, foreign affairs and healthcare. Neither conservatives nor liberal leaders do much to benefit these areas nor change them. Their main motivation is money, power, and what benefits them. I base my vote on their morals and what their party stands for overall. I agree with the way conservatives view certain issues that involve morals. Morals are generally good things that when changed are not morals. They cannot simply turned into something else. Why wou of i want to change morals if they are good by very definition. So in that sence yes i perfer to keep the county's foundation based on morals. Where liberals would want to change it in the name of "change"
debate_power says2015-02-09T16:19:33.0130362-06:00
@Varrack Why is your version of morality fit for everyone else?
debate_power says2015-02-09T16:20:45.2769382-06:00
@Varrack And isn't the point of democracy to ensure "goodies" for whoever wins them in a vote?
debate_power says2015-02-09T16:22:02.3021652-06:00
@Varrack Why does your subjective version of morality take precedence over material conditions that favor the most people possible, if not all of them?
Varrack says2015-02-09T16:35:02.2091667-06:00
@dp, no version of morality is fit for everyone. Criminals are on a different ethical level than normal people. The trick is to stand for what is right, not cave in to the lowest common denominator to appeal to the wants of the bottom 1%
debate_power says2015-02-09T16:36:37.4039583-06:00
@Varrack. Good. If one version is not fit for everyone, why on earth is your conception of morality even relevant in politics?
Varrack says2015-02-09T16:40:03.4549734-06:00
You will need to define "fit". Fit as in best for, or fit as what people naturally succumb to?
reece says2015-02-09T17:09:28.0391018-06:00
@Varrack "Fit as in best for" because you know how the Conservatives back the 1% who succumb to money and greed.

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