Do you consider yourself to be a slave?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

This is just a weird psychology question that cMe to me. Do you consider yourself to be a slave and if so, what do you consider yourself of? Slave of insanity? Slave of discrimination? Etc.

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Yes, I consider myself to be a slave.

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No, I do not consider myself to be a slave.

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-30T21:25:38.1970642Z
Oops. I meant to say came instead of cMe in the poll description. I'm just a little bit exhausted.
BirdieMachine says2016-07-31T00:03:41.4478309Z
Yeah most are a Slave to the system. Central Bankers, Federal Debt, Money, Gov tyrannical Laws. Good thing is we do not need the Central Bankers aka the Federal Reserve. Gov has grown out of control as well. Not sure how we take it down about 10 notches but we need to.
harrytruman says2016-07-31T00:49:56.2575916Z
To the central bank, yes.
McMount says2016-07-31T06:20:36.5719313Z
@BirdieMachine the system may be aimed towards getting you into debt, but it can't force you to do so. And just having to work for your food is not slavery; for what reason does society have to feed a person who is intentionally not taking part in common labour?
Otto_Hasenkamp says2016-08-13T16:21:52.4365895Z
You're allowed to vote and have human rights, and still refer to yourself as a slave?

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