• Yes

  • No

55% 11 votes
45% 9 votes
  • They aren't likely to be as good looking as me. Therefore I'll get the job interviews and the better looking men and women.

  • Sometimes it is genetic, or from other reasons. Being overweight is my greatest fear, so I do feel bad for them.

  • genetics. Someone can eat the same as someone of a health weight, but become overweight

    Posted by: basils
  • I remember those times when I was little I was forced to eat even though I was like never hungry.

    Posted by: heil59
  • I don't fell bad for them because they choose to eat poorly so it's their fault for eating poorly they getting fat.

  • I do not feel bad over other people's poor choices. It's their decision to stuff their mouths like a pig with food that they do not need.

  • Hell No, it your fault your fat nobody elses. If you know you get fat easier than others, its your responsibility to take action and know your own body.

    Posted by: Eli24
  • I don't feel bad for them, feeling bad is their choice, not mine.

  • because its the overweight person's fault and choice to be fat.

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TheMarquis says2015-04-28T22:01:15.7280872-05:00
Heil's makes more sense as a yes...
triangle.128k says2015-05-26T18:44:31.0374758-05:00
Outdated poll, but I am impressed to see that heil actually voted without bringing up Hitler or anything.
blackwhite says2015-08-06T11:16:46.8103619Z
A persons happiness does not depend on their weight, some overweight people feel ashamed for it and some love themselves anyway.

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