Do you feel more loved from physical or non-physical contact with a lover?

Posted by: PetersSmith

If you never had a romantic relationship, just vote for what you "presume" would make you feel more loved.

  • Physical; physical contact with a lover makes you feel more wanted by them and loved (kissing, holding hands, cuddling, sex, hugging, "petting" etc.). The power of touch.

  • Non-physical; encouraging words, them spending time with you, "I love yous", conversation, and the lover doing things for you makes you feel more loved and wanted by them.

50% 3 votes
50% 3 votes
  • it feels more like love to me, even tho i know they can say it doesn't mean it to them - it's how i feel it.

    Posted by: Joella
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mishapqueen says2015-04-26T21:53:04.5813780-05:00
I haven't been in a romantic relationship, but in the platonic ones, it really depends on the day and my emotions.

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