Do you feel the Black Lives Matter Movement is really advocating for true equality?

Posted by: Bosoxfaninla

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No, if anything the movement creates more racial tension and violence. It supports/justifies racism against whites and law enfrocement.

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Yes, the true motive behind the Black Lives Matter movement is equality for all races, and the police are given far too much authority in today's society.

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OneNationUnderGod says2015-10-16T09:57:21.5307394Z
And...... Shouldn't it be "African American Lives Matter"? I thought the use of the term "black" wasn't allowed anymore. This is yet another way that trying to fix the problem tends to make it worse. When insisting all other races use a certain term to address black people, but they don't address themselves that way - it causes yet another division.
Vox_Veritas says2015-10-16T14:13:42.1317145Z
Well, in all fairness, the number of people killing cops has increased noticeably since the movement began.
sleepyoceanmom says2015-10-28T21:04:27.6952637Z
I think a giant fallacy in their movement is the exclusion of other PoC that they claim to support, but erase from the "Black Lives Matter" movement. The exclusion of white people is another thing, but I find the exclusion of other PoC to be so blatantly against the premise of the movement in which PoC are supposed to be represented.

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