Do you generally support Israel or Palestine?

Posted by: PericIes

Do you generally support the actions of Israel when they involve Palestine, or of Palestine when they involve Israel? Why?

  • Israel

  • Palestine

73% 16 votes
27% 6 votes
  • Israel has been a good ally of the US for a while now and continues to be one. What has Palestine or the Palestinian people ever done for us?

  • America is still for the most part Judeo Christian. So there is a shared history with Israel. And like the previous poster has said, Israel has been good allies to the US.

  • They're good allies, and Israel was where Judaism originated. Mecca belongs to the Muslims, so Israel should belong to the Jews because Israel is the land where Judaism came from.

  • Because they have far more tolerant views than the Palestinian government.

  • They actually have a high freedom index for a Middle East country. They have democracy and human rights. The other countries, including Palestine, have much less of such.

  • UtherPenquin, there are so few Jews opposed to Israel.

    Posted by: Rami
  • I prefer any non-Muslim state over any Muslim state. They are exceptions though.

  • Generally Israel, but Israel has some blame in this conflict.

  • I support Israel, but we do have to call the conflict like it is and the whole "human shields" thing is a big lie.

  • The Zionist movement was originally in response to the rise of Nationalism in Europe during the late 19th century. Hence, Zionism is mostly a nationalist movement and not a religious one. Meaning that Anti Zionism in no way correlates with anti semitism. Prior to the Balfour Declaration, many Jews ran opposed to the establishment of Israel, including but not limited to, members of the British parliament, many Orthodox Jews and various members of the Rothschild family (at the time at least)

  • I support a two-state solution with a possible third state being Syria (Damascaus zone possibly)

  • Although I would prefer to see both of them, merge into one state, where everyone is treated equal and fair, I lean more towards the Palestinian side. Some of the pro Israel said that Israel has been a good ally to the US, I would like to say, not really, the US has been providing weapons and money for the Israelis, with nothing coming back. The Israelis occupies the Palestinian, west bank and Gaza strip, where they do not allow many of the resources that are vital for the civilian population to live off of, such as clean water. And have gotten the Gaza strip named the worse area human rights in the world, (and that includes North Korea, and India's "untouchables". the Hamas group, I don't necessarily support them but when you look at the statistics, you can see that they do a lot less damage then the Israeli forces, nor do they have illegal (by the UN standards) settlements, in their enemies territory. They also don't use tanks, to shoot at children with rocks, as one reporter, (who was killed by Israeli solders, while waving a white flag, while his wife was recording it.) showed in a documentary that was supposed to show both sides of the issue. That is why I lean more towards the Palestinian side of the argument.

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UtherPenguin says2015-08-30T00:54:59.4518087Z
Ironically, the first and most ardent supporters of the Balfour declaration did not come from Jews, but from conservative Brits and Americans, who saw it as the fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy (or something like that)
PericIes says2015-08-30T00:58:20.4629627Z
I would like to point out that the poll is over the actions of Israel and Palestine now, not the existence of either or both.
UtherPenguin says2015-08-30T00:59:41.3316064Z
@Perciles The history of Israel's establishment is one of the main reasons why I am against Israel's actions now.
PericIes says2015-08-30T01:10:02.2467866Z
That's cool, but the intent of the poll was for people to look at the actions now by themselves, in the interest of objectivity.
PericIes says2015-08-30T01:10:30.8729701Z
I can make another poll with a different question if you like.
PericIes says2015-08-30T01:17:14.3383564Z
In fact, I will. It will be called "should the modern-day state of Israel exist as it is?"
komododragon8 says2015-08-30T21:04:37.3247280Z
Texas14: What do you mean by "the whole human shields thing is a big lie"

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