Do you go to hell for not believing in God(s)?

Posted by: discomfiting

Constantly I see people saying nonbelievers go to hell. What about babies that die? Stillborns? Young children? People in third world countries where religions are banned or unknown? Do they still go to hell?

  • Yes they all go to hell

  • No they do not go to hell

19% 5 votes
81% 22 votes
  • Hell is not a literal place of torture. It is a "metaphor" meaning how remote you are from god. Hell is being distant from the holy spirit, and heaven is being close to the holy spirit. Most protestants believe in this theory, but most conservative Christians believe its a literal place of never ending torture. People need to STUDY the bible, and not just take it for literal detail.

  • You need faith and believing in God

    Posted by: Caseo7
  • They go to purgatory. Just kidding, no hell does not exsist.

  • I am a Christian, and our beliefs are how you treat others is pretty much the determining factor if you go to Heaven or Hell. We believe that Atheists can go to Heaven as well, as long as they respect others.

  • If there is a God, then he is objective. Why should believing in him make any difference? Would a murderer and rapist believer belong more in heaven than a philanthropist atheist?

    Posted by: L.D
  • I do not believe in a god, gods, a heaven, or a hell, but I kind of hope that there is an afterlife that is not run by a god or gods just because I think that it would be cool.

    Posted by: cdc210
  • If you genuinely think that God/gods don't exist then he/they won't hold it against you; you were only thinking what you thought was right; you didn't mean to do wrong. If you never even heard of God then as a merciful deity he certainly wouldn't send you to Hell, not for that alone anyway.

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Adaptable says2014-04-21T07:05:58.0075133-05:00
Honestly, I don't know if we do or not. Though, it is quite possible hell could be a literal place. By the way, the Bible is both literal and figurative at Jifpop. You can't call someone stupid especially if they believe in something informally.
Actionsspeak says2014-04-21T11:42:30.9168772-05:00
@TheMaster ---- False, god cannot forgive and jesus died to forgive your sins for him. Arheists can only go to heaven if they never commit a sin since god cannot forgive it, however tht bible even says that's impossible and only jesus is 'perfect' or 'sinless'.
HeavyReader says2014-04-22T09:37:57.5322329-05:00
"Do you go to hell for not believing in God(s)?". Going off of this I believe it is in my own personal opinion. Why would I go to "hell" if I do not believe in said "hell".
L.D says2014-04-22T12:24:43.4307670-05:00
@Actions. You are basically saying Jesus died to forgive the sins of Christians only and not humanity as a whole. That is FALSE. Imagine how bad it would look if Jesus was categorical, as you suggest. That would be a sin, so he did not do that, he sacrificed for humanity and not Christians only.
SweetTea says2014-04-23T11:35:00.6651312-05:00
"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." -- Matthew 19:14

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