• Not a chance

59% 16 votes
41% 11 votes
  • haven't played the game , but really dislike the Fandom

  • I agree with Uther. While it isn't a bad game, it has way too much hype for what it is and the fans are toxic.

    Posted by: gabep
  • FNAF is not scary, graphics look horrible and they keep on making sequels. Also the fanbase is disgusting.

  • No. I may find the game play repetitive, but the story behind it is interesting, and makes me really think.

  • I don't hate it but I hate practically everyone who likes it. Like the moronic over-the-top bullsh*t YouTube idiots who act like 4 year olds... ahem, Markiplier, PewDiePie, that scottish guy, etc.

  • FNAF is a great game, some people just don't like how simplistically GOOD it is.

  • FNaF is a scary game with good lore and scary jumpscares

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