Do You Have a Positive or Negative View of Hillary Clinton?

Posted by: bballcrook21

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-29T04:41:28.3327435Z
Hilary Clinton is sexist against men! She's a radical feminist and some of her speeches prove this! She talks about the Wage Pay Gap which is a myth! She is only encouraging more feminism and we don't need more feminism! We don't even need feminism because it's just sexist against men! Clinton wants to oppress men and she'll go to extreme lengths to oppress men! She must NEVER become president. Otherwise America is screwed!
harrytruman says2016-07-29T06:16:27.0180733Z
She sold US military technology to China, look it up, China Gate Scandal, she is guilty of treason against the United States and belongs in Guantanamo.
carl819 says2016-07-30T19:13:52.4150257Z
Hillary Clinton belongs in prison. I served 20 years in the Army handling classified information, and what Hillary did was a very serious.
This_Is_Glitching says2016-10-05T22:13:27.4918910Z
I would actually vote Clinton over Trump, but even I voted "negative". Both of them are terrible people.

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