• Yes

  • No

58% 32 votes
42% 23 votes
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Mister_Man says2015-08-07T03:08:04.3326219Z
Made it like month ago, thought it was the dumbest shit ever until my friend basically forced me to make it
tajshar2k says2015-08-07T03:10:30.5523592Z
Instagram tajshar2k. I follow back.
Mister_Man says2015-08-07T03:13:35.2419431Z
I'll add you when my phone decides to pick up the shithole internet at my work lol
tajshar2k says2015-08-07T03:14:01.8557137Z
Skyscraper says2015-12-15T03:06:02.0708047Z
To much social for me. I was on facebook and left that drama after 5 years . Took a few weeks to get over the addiction but I am fine now. I use G plus just because it was a part of gmail and i get some good news updates from that.
triangle.128k says2015-12-15T03:12:16.9428008Z
Since Skyscraper necro-posted, I figured i'd add my cents in to the conversation. If you watch a documentary called "Being13, inside the secret world of Teens" by CNN, it might convince you to immediately delete your instagram account.

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