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Yes, I have put my faith in Christ and He has assured me salvation

17 votes

I don't believe in a heaven or hell

10 votes

I'm not sure

3 votes
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XLAV says2016-12-09T10:39:59.7216936Z
There is no heaven noob
kikiki says2016-12-09T14:19:42.9816828Z
Shit I voted on the wrong one
Gareth_BM says2016-12-09T16:21:28.0194280Z
Prove Valhalla doesn't exist. You can't? Well that proves it Odin is our lord and saviour. Its impossible to prove a negative only look at what evidence you have and if there is no reasonable argument to suggest its existence its logical to conclude it probably doesn't.
liam2002 says2016-12-09T18:49:53.2639942Z
There is no heaven there is no god, god does Not Exist god is a fake imaginary tyrant
Animore says2016-12-10T01:16:46.5631298Z
No one is mang. 'Cause like, it's not a real thing.
Animore says2016-12-10T01:16:58.7164112Z
No one is mang. 'Cause like, it's not a real thing.

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