Do you know of the 'Silent Epidemic?'

Posted by: ben671176 I never here about this from the Feminists.

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Yeah. . .

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Nope, thought girls commit suicide more.

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Never crossed my mind.

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ben671176 says2014-11-20T20:47:14.2197770-06:00
ben671176 says2014-11-20T20:47:33.1274618-06:00
Again if needed.
carriead20 says2014-11-20T20:56:58.6591809-06:00
It's true more guys commit suicide BUT women have a higher attempt rate. This is because men tend to use more aggressive methods such as guns. While women tend to use pills.
YamaVonKarma says2014-11-20T21:14:33.8062166-06:00
I can't vote
LuciaB says2014-11-20T21:22:42.3171422-06:00
Due to a technical error, apparently I can't vote. Anyway, it's incredibly unfortunate, especially considering how depression manifests in rather different, more difficult to detect ways in males. Mental health stigma abounds, so it's difficult to discuss it, especially when combined with social barriers to males opening up about sadness. When males use more effective methods of suicide, they can't eventually get help like most suicidal women do, which is why suicide awareness and prevention is so vital before they end up gone for good.
YamaVonKarma says2014-11-20T21:23:23.4584627-06:00
It was the same for me, it'll pop up.
LuciaB says2014-11-20T21:25:22.7657331-06:00
Oh wait. I just read the caption. Seems like you're just using this issue as a pawn against feminism rather than actually caring to address the epidemic on its own merits. That's pretty gross. Feminism exists as a movement of community and solidarity for women against misogyny, and male suicide being rampant and under-known doesn't negate that.
YamaVonKarma says2014-11-20T21:25:28.6156581-06:00
Everytime I have my gun on my belt, i think of it. I have the power to take a man's life... I have the power to take my own... It's not a fun feeling, in my opinion.
carriead20 says2014-11-20T21:26:35.9131953-06:00
I was almost a part of the "Silent Epidemic"
funnycn says2014-11-21T06:54:07.2437220-06:00
Feminists would blame men if they committed it more. (Just kidding.)
Zylorarchy says2014-11-21T06:59:45.4135928-06:00
Can't vote, but more or less. I didn't specifically know men actually did more than women, but am well aware of how men do suffer just as much depression wise.
ben671176 says2014-11-21T15:46:27.7016902-06:00
@LuciaB no I wasn't. It was just I was angry at one of the Feminists on here that exclaimed that ALL men are sex-craved pigs. And that women are always the victim. This wasn't about that, it was a short add-on. But how does it not negate it? If you haven't noticed, men can cook more. Women are the Bread-winners in 40% of families and most support their children alone. Are they using Feminism to stop the women forced in Brothels? Are they working to give rights to women in the Middle East? No they want equal pay in jobs, which is good, but there are worse problems than not getting 20 cents an hour. Do men still fix cars, kill bugs, enroll in the Draft, and mow the lawn in 90 degree heat? Yes. And yet feminism gets angry when men joke about going into the kitchen. If Feminism is for equal rights for both genders then why is it called Feminism? Not Equalism? Why is the Men's Equal Rights movements have 'Men' on it? What in the world is Equal go with both of these categories? They are just to serve the one party. And me using a 'pawn' against Feminism? Well, why can't I just talk about how women laughed on The Talk about a man getting his private chopped off by his wife.
LuciaB says2014-11-21T17:02:17.1493632-06:00
@ben671176 Pardon me, but that comment was horribly uninformed. Feminism is not explicitly a rights movement. It's not necessarily about persuading men that women should become equal. It's a sociopolitical movement--with a specific background and set of theories, not a simple belief that can be summed up in a catchy phrase like "equality for men and women!"--providing community and solidarity for women against misogyny. It seems as if you're vaguely using "the Middle East" as an example of why feminism doesn't ACTUALLY care about women's rights. I recommend you read this: Also, it's asinine how you say that feminism doesn't care about women being forced into brothels, considering that criticism of the oppressive unethical nature of the sex industries was a HUGE topic in second-wave feminism and continues to be a common subject in feminist circles today. Hell, I've been working on a debate about the issue of sex trafficking.
ben671176 says2014-11-22T07:41:38.8953731-06:00
@LuciaB First off. 14 cuss words? Really? If I man stated that, he would be utterly destroyed by Feminists. And maybe more were in there that I didn't count. You keep using "misogyny" like it is the worst thing in the world right now. Just stop. Not every man is mean to girls and not every woman is mean to men. And this what catwoman or whatever doesn't even state any cites. Just 'assumes' that we trust her knowledge. Http://www.Mirror.Co.Uk/news/uk-news/british-female-jihadis-running-isis-4198165 http://www.Halftheskymovement.Org/issues/sex-trafficking Stop using misogyny. Yes we have many brothels and many Middle Eastern countries follow their traditions. But as a whole. . . Who actually is sexist? Men that have traditional backgrounds? Men that are drug addicts and beat on their children and wives. And don't get professional help and get thrown in the court room and losing everything just because no one actually wants to help them? Just want to get the family away? What about rapists? Society teaches "Don't get raped" and not "Don't rape"? Definitely sucks since most of those men have the entire internet to explore for years living alone until they crack and Satan's demons takes over and rapes a poor girl.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-25T19:04:18.1541841-06:00
Feminism is the cause of this.

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