Do you know someone with special needs

Posted by: mybirdsarecool

Do you know anyone with special needs including yourself

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If you don not feel like putting me if you do just put yes

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UtherPenguin says2015-04-13T18:32:57.9343705-05:00
All thanks to those damn vaccines.
heil40 says2015-04-13T18:33:50.0983917-05:00
Well if a person with special needs consumes the same amount of resource as someone without special needs then we should get rid of the one with special needs and instead use resources to raise a baby without disability
Stalin_Mario says2015-04-13T18:39:20.7319137-05:00
I actually thought that was a funny joke, UtherPenguin, but then I found you were being serious... -_-
UtherPenguin says2015-04-13T18:44:47.4031373-05:00
@I was joking
Stalin_Mario says2015-04-13T18:44:55.3581754-05:00
Also, my rational side of me sort of agrees with Heil. Not only with his one reason, but also I feel that letting someone with a severe mental disability (down syndrome, severe autism, etc) live is awful. They will live their entire lives in constant pain, and most of the time, are not even able to communicate and/or even do anything but cause trouble. They also destroy families they are involved with, making the parents suffer, as they need to take care of them 1000 times more than the average child, while also making the other "normal" children of the house suffer as well, as they suffer from neglect from their parents, who are spending all their time trying to get the special needs child under control. "Exterminating" said children would benefit the child itself, the families they are born into, and the overall society. Just my thoughts.
Stalin_Mario says2015-04-13T18:45:19.4637937-05:00
Okay, thought you weren't after looking at a few of your poll votes.
heil40 says2015-04-13T19:16:05.4848935-05:00
I thought stalinists like to kill talented and skilled and preserve unskilled and retarded to destroy society
Stefy says2015-04-13T20:58:54.8478278-05:00
Stalin_Mario: Thats not "rational" at all. Thats horrible and sick.
Stalin_Mario says2015-04-13T21:01:05.3790607-05:00
How so?
Stefy says2015-04-13T21:05:09.7639609-05:00
How does exterminating a child benifit them or their families? Special needs children enjoy their lives and the parents live their kids. So stop being a bigoted supporter fo child murder under the guise of being "rational." Youre either a troll, looking for attention, or just plain twisted im sorry.
Renegader says2015-04-13T23:43:31.6358117-05:00
Stefy, don't you support abortion. If so, then why not just abort any "special" fetus. It is sick not to do that.
Stalin_Mario says2015-04-14T09:29:27.8459876-05:00
Did you not read my comment, Stefly? Have you ever met or at least seen a kid with a serve mental disability? If you have, you would know that they are not happy, and are in fact suffering, along with the people around (who usually tend to be their family). You clearly never met someone with a server mental disability, or you're just trying to troll me. Lol
Stalin_Mario says2015-04-14T09:36:28.0996675-05:00
*Sorry for my spelling errors and grammatical errors, posted my previous comment from my phone.
RXR says2015-04-14T10:00:29.6525662-05:00
-stefy The only child murder supporter here is you for supporting abortion.
heil41 says2015-04-14T14:02:19.2365767-05:00
Stefy stop calling out on people who prefer to use rational thinking over emotional thinking. Stalin there's actually a disorder where a person suffers consistent pain and torment because their white blood cells attack their own cells and their torment never stops and they have trouble focusing.
heil41 says2015-04-14T14:03:51.9909557-05:00
Abortion of a racially superior is worse than executing a disabled

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