Do you lean more to the left or the right politically?

Posted by: sruuxoxo

(For independents/etc, do you have a preference for one side slightly more than the other? Or are you completely straight down the middle ?)

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Completely equal-leaning for both sides

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ben671176 says2014-07-08T12:26:48.6664036-05:00
I just stay out of politics. It's all corrupted and falling apart
Preston says2014-07-08T12:45:45.2485882-05:00
That's why we need to get involved, so we can fix it
reece says2014-07-08T14:00:25.7751913-05:00
Preston says2014-07-08T14:31:18.5614224-05:00
Don't click that
ben671176 says2014-07-08T15:09:22.9573683-05:00
Wtf, Wolfpack.Com?
lightingbolt50 says2014-07-08T15:10:10.1788710-05:00
This poll is for independents. To the guy who said "I'm Conservative", you shouldn't have voted.
NiamC says2014-07-08T16:04:48.1513977-05:00
I have been accused of being a communist *cough cough CJK
debate_power says2014-07-08T16:32:43.9476410-05:00
I used to be heavy right but now I have no idea what I am... Need to do more thinking. I love politics.
ben671176 says2014-07-08T16:46:18.7261104-05:00
I like communism; the non-corrupted kind.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-09T23:35:50.1300885-05:00
There's no proven form or non corrupted communism. They all have been corrupt
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-07-09T23:53:59.8054327-05:00
Rightwing, surely you aren't the most reliable person to talk to about Communism?
Formerland1 says2014-07-10T20:55:13.5120640-05:00
Communism seems nice in theory , but all field trials have been very corrupt .
Preston says2014-07-22T12:13:21.6088497-05:00
Marxism is better in theory than communism
sruuxoxo says2014-09-17T16:12:21.4205847-05:00
@lighteningbolt, No, I guess I should have made it a little clearer, this is for people of all political stances, not just right or left-leaning independents. Sorry! :-)
sruuxoxo says2014-09-17T16:13:33.0396042-05:00
Thank you all for your input and votes!

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