50% 6 votes
50% 6 votes
  • I very much see how people could find it boring or tedious. However, for me, the pitching to every batter is a game inofitself. It is a psychological battle between the pitcher and batter. The latter trying to anticipate the type, speed, and location of a pitch, and the former trying to outsmart them by doing the unexpected. Additionally, among all popular sports, baseball takes the most skill. Hitting a leather sphere flying at you at nearly 100 mph and hoping to hit it with a thin piece of wood is the hardest ranked thing to do in sports. Lastly, what I like about baseball is the fact that anyone can really play it to some degree; to play well, one does not need to be tall like in basketball, or strong like in (American) football, or fast like in soccer. Its not exclusive in that way.

  • It's the best because of the athleticism required to play any position in the infield and/or to be a good hitter, AND the strategy makes it a mind game more so, AND it can be very exciting at times even though when bad teams play it's not as fun of a spectator game. :)

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