• Yes

  • No

56% 20 votes
44% 16 votes
  • First let me say i don't like everything he says. My biggest reason for supporting him is what he's doing for the military. I am in the Navy, and let me say our ships are spread thin. Especially our Aircraft Carriers, and SSN's. We need more ships, and I'm glad he is committed to that.

  • Notice how everyone who dont like him cant explain why, they just call him an idiot and a racist, but ive never heard any anti trump person explain why, if you dont like trump, name his policies not stupid statement you invent. As of me, he goes with my values, pro life, believes un gun rights and the wall is a brilliant idea, he's a strong buisnessman, and knows what to do.

    Posted by: fewdw
  • Now by me saying yes I'm going to be going with my bias towards conservatives that's the reason because his views align with mine for the most part.

  • He is anti establishment and I hate the establishment

    Posted by: Wylted

  • I very much like Donald's approach to many aspects, such as the NAFTA. The NAFTA (North America's Fair Trade Agreement) put the United States upon a huge deficit, as it allowed Mexico to benefit on top of America and steal the US economy through producing goods in Mexico, before shipping them to the US. Not to mention the facts that 1) We don't want to encourage dealership with Mexico due to their damage, and 2) It would be much more efficient to make resources in the US without importation costs, and it would make us more self-sufficient, which is always a good thing. I also like how Donald is looking to help out to us in the United Kingdom and wanting to secure a profitable deal which would get us through Brexit (Obama didn't want to do this). I also like his immigration policies, which is beneficial to the US economy, but also supports a healthy diversity which, again, they can heavily benefit from. His withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement is quite good in my opinion because I am personally quite sceptical about the term "climate change". I genuinely am seeing no physical effects from what many scientists are claiming. He wants to repeal ObamaCare, in which the cost of a premium has doubled within the past 4 years, and more and more people are suffering from it. (Just a shame so many are contradicting his wishes to replace it). He wants more jobs and wants to properly fund the US education and industrial systems by saving the money that is being drained form them by negative trade deals (ie NAFTA). I think Trump is doing a tremendous job as the US President and if I were to live in America, he would've won my vote.

  • I enjoy his policies, and can't wait to see what he does for our country next.

  • I love trump because his idiocy somehow FINALLY made the american public realize how deeply screwed our political system is. And i'm also grateful every day that at least it isn't killary in office.

  • He's saving the country from its enemies in the demonic Democrat party. He will also win in 2020 -- now cry, snowflake!

  • Trump is a true American Patriot and is 100% America First. To all the leftists who call him racist or other derogatory terms, it would be wise to explain why. Trump has massively increased consumer confidence in America resulting in a higher stock market. In addition he has enacted the travel ban and increased the military budget. Most of all, he nominated an honest and rightful conservative justice to the SCOTUS, who will protect the Second Amendment. As for the Russia story, it's a bloody hoax. There has been zero evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. The Democrats and left-wingers are proclaiming Trump guilty when there is absolutely no evidence by multiple investigations into this matter.

  • I do like him sometimes. He was not my first pick but I think his heart is in the right place.

  • He's the most racist president Americas ever had, and so are his supporters.

    Posted by: jc1996
  • He's an idiot.

  • 1. He withdrew the U.S. from the Paris agreement, which is incredibly stupid in my opinion (granted, but as stupid as when he claimed climate change was a plot by the Chinese.) If we want to survive on this planet we have to watch our carbon footprint and be a little more careful with what we do in general with the environment. It does not belong to us and it is not a never-ending resource. 2. He is attempting to replace Obamacare. Obamacare wasn't that good, I'll admit that, but the AHCA is projected to leave 23 million people without insurance. The new stipulations benefit companies much more than American citizens and I can guarantee that many will die because of this. It will mainly affect low to mid income Americans rather than the people that CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD IT. They should just leave this alone. 3. The travel ban, not because I don't approve of it, but because it doesn't make a lot of sense. In January he put this in place on Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. If you were to do five minutes of research you would've found that "Nationals of the seven countries singled out by Trump have killed zero people in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1975 and 2015." (theatlantic.com) He can't even get the countries right for his travel bans. 4. He has no political experience, and it really shows. The U.S.'s reputation is going farther into the toilet than it already was, and part of that was the election of Donald Trump. He is not professional like a typical politician, he acts like a child and makes it difficult for other countries to work with him. His existence is worsening the political climate alone. (Sometimes I think that Donald Trump is just a teenage girl trapped in an Oompa Loompa's body.) 5. He couldn't even keep his promises to his supporters. Last time I checked, that wall is nowhere close to being built. He did nothing in his 100 days and even with a Republican majority he is finding it difficult to do ANYTHING. Replace him with any other Republican (or Democrat, really) and they could've done so much more. Best of all, he complains that it's soo hard being a politician (maybe you shouldn't have decided to be the leader of an entire country, then.) There is plenty of reason to hate Trump.

  • Notice how everyone that likes Trump do not understand what he is doing and only like him because he is a republican and a man.

  • Trump has proved time and time again that he is untrustworthy. From how he said that he fired Comey because of what the attorney general said, then that because of what he did to Hillary, then because of chain of command and finally because of the Russia investigation. Speaking of that investigation he said he and none of his people had ties to Russia, then it came out that Flynn did. Then he said he doesn't then it came out he shared classified info. Then he said that was it and that was okay. Then it came out the he worked with them on the campaign. Then he said it wasn't the government. Spoiler. It was the government. I think that is enough but I can provide more if you need it

    Posted by: Salv
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Empty_The_Box says2017-07-15T19:18:36.2202892Z
Notice how everyone that likes trump have no idea of what he is doing and only like him because he is a republican and a white man.
Salv says2017-07-15T20:49:21.4076984Z
@empty_the_box *orange
SegBeg says2017-07-15T21:25:00.2334379Z
Empty_The_Box, bet they claim they aren't racist-proceeds to bring up Donald Trump's race!
Salv says2017-07-15T21:44:42.3301244Z
@segbeg I'm white dude. Also saying that alot of racists are biased towards white men is not racist. It's pointing out the fact that racism exists
Wylted says2017-07-16T07:57:49.9821540Z
Donald Trump is not a real Republican, and being white has nothing to do with it. We hate the illuminati and he is in power to shut them down.
Salv says2017-07-18T04:45:13.7572361Z
Lol wut
hrace0628 says2017-07-20T04:02:40.0359348Z
@jc1996 , Most racist president we have ever had? You do realize several past presidents OWNED AFRICAN SLAVES right? Just making sure.

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