Do You Like July And Events Connected To It ?

Posted by: cosecant

  • Firm No.

  • Of Course....

40% 4 votes
60% 6 votes
  • There's the Fourth ... Heat ... Humidity ... Tornadoes ... Hurricanes ... July is lovely (for 1 day)!

  • On the east coast, humidity in the summer feels so sticky and dense. I'm in Nevada and there's so much deserts but it's all dry hot and I'm kinda cold.

  • Yes, because even though (at least on the east coast) there's humidity, there is a variety of ways to escape it. And it creates a perfect temperature for going to the ocean, going to any of the east coast islands, and sailing/boating. But anyway the question was July events... Sailing/boating, going to Small beach towns/islands, going to the ocean, just a few of the many wicked fun things to do to escape the heat.

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