• Yes

  • No

54% 15 votes
46% 13 votes
  • It's FUN!!!!!!!!

  • Math is awesome. How can someone hate math. Everything that exist deals with math and science. You wouldn't exist in the physical world if math didn't exist. Be glad math exist. Plus math is beautiful, Euler's Equation is beautiful form of art, how dare anybody say otherwise.

  • It's not that I hate it, its just that i'm bad at it. Somehow I did really well in science, even without my math skills.

  • well math is a way the human brain works. Not liking math isn't possible, you would be scared from looking at the numbers of a video game or sport.

  • Math yes, math class no. math class is my least favorite

  • Math is one of the most essential aspects of all human understanding. Without it, essentially all of technology would have never come about. Math is an important part of the modern age, and this is why I like it.

  • Math is just beautiful sometimes.

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HannahC2002 says2015-04-17T11:08:54.2558000-05:00
Nooooo it's fun!!
Knightrius says2015-04-17T11:21:22.6313344-05:00
Love it but suck at it
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-17T11:56:18.9234938-05:00
How is there even 6 votes for no?!
tajshar2k says2015-04-17T13:18:24.8952697-05:00
ashkan says2015-04-17T18:18:52.5016545-05:00
It is OK I guess.

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