• Yes

  • No

48% 10 votes
52% 11 votes
  • Not all of them are immature and offensive. Some of them are meant to be lighthearted, kind, or cute. :)

  • They are soooo fun..

  • YASS dude i am so good at them! and when people call me tryna do a prank call i mess with them even more and they end up hanging up. its so funny

  • They are immature and offensive.

  • Not on me.

  • They aren't cool. One day my friend called someone and they assumed it was his daughter (probably teens) and she said, "Dad, dad? We need to talk." The dad asked, "Honey, are you pregnant?" And she said yes. Try to explain that when she gets home from school.

  • Not since I was like six

  • There are always different levels on which a person may take a risk. One person may use the traditional "Is your fridge running" joke, but one may use a bomb threat. Is it worth it for a few laughs?

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madness says2014-05-21T16:47:03.8817982-05:00
Prank call the ass holes.

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