Do you like Rodeos?

Posted by: texans14

I hadn't been to a rodeo in like three years until last night. I forgot how much fun they are. Do you agree?

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Yes. I like Rodeos.

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No. I don't like rodeos.

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PetersSmith says2014-08-10T14:48:53.9065510-05:00
I saw this one rodeo where a guy got bucked off and then part of his face started peeling off. It kind of ruined my experience.
texans14 says2014-08-10T14:52:48.1063616-05:00
They can get kind of messed up sometimes, but I like them in general.
Rodeoislife says2017-02-06T20:44:32.4550712Z
Rodeo is NOT animal abuse. I raise roughstock and run all the timed events. All the bucking bulls are treated like major babies all the time. We dont use cattle prods or anything like that. They get shots to keep them from getting sick too. Timed events are the same. Some people baby thier horses beyond what they need to. Certain horses get treats after they run and they get babied constantly. People think that they know rodeo because they sit up in the stands watching. It may look harsh but these animals were bred to do what they do. We dont expect a ploughing horse to run barrels and a dairy cow to throw the bull riders off thier backs. Its fair. Most of the cowboy stuff started way back before anybody remembers.

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