• Yes

  • No

95% 56 votes
5% 3 votes
  • I *LOVE* this subject with a passion! *Smartest* subject that ever existed! May it bring on *humankind's salvation!*

    Posted by: kbub
  • One of the most beneficial subjects we have.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • I like learning about how the universe works.

  • I like Chemistry and Bio. My Physics teacher scarred me for life with Phys... so no to that one

  • I changed my answer. Science is good and the people performing it can also be good. However, no one should hate science because they have a difficult time with it - especially me!

  • It is was composes and explains our world... how could one not like it?

  • Geek.

  • Yay! my fellow science lovers!

  • i lllllllllove science and my most favourite part is physics its all abou logic when u come 2 know about the fact its awesome

    Posted by: ramsi
  • Science. Their is nothing i like more. NOTHING.

    Posted by: Nopa
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Zendayalover156 says2014-04-03T02:43:41.5670857-05:00
I always get very high A's in science class
Bradley_Steven_Perry says2014-04-03T02:47:56.8815773-05:00
Wow you are a true science geek
Actionsspeak says2014-04-03T03:08:23.9377800-05:00
I approve of scientific knowledge.
Bella_Thorne says2014-04-03T03:38:31.2405652-05:00
@Zendayalover156 that's great! :D Keep up with the good work
SNP1 says2014-04-03T07:43:29.4706001-05:00
Juan_Pablo: I hope you are joking. Otherwise this is just ironic, you hate science, say it will bring man's destruction, yet are using inventions that only exist because of it?
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T08:18:03.2601067-05:00
I hate science and all scientists! May they each burn, burn, burn in the fires of hell!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T08:18:41.9013067-05:00
The most arrogant, evil people I have ever encountered were scientists. EVIL, EVIL PEOPLE!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T08:19:42.9909067-05:00
I never did too well in the subject . . . Something about not being smart enough!
SNP1 says2014-04-03T08:20:34.0106438-05:00
Coming from someone using a computer and the internet, both products of science.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T08:21:45.0378991-05:00
Coming from someone that rips animals and vegetables in his mouth to shreds - a murderer - your opinion is absolute garbage!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T08:23:09.3252394-05:00
By the way, I'm very thrilled that many of the overall views of science are just as inaccurate of many of the views of religion! Each group is composed of a bunch of arrogant bastards!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T08:23:32.3733067-05:00
May each group suffer tremendously for its stupidity!
Romanii says2014-04-03T08:29:35.6037067-05:00
@SNP1: he's obviously trolling... He's very openly supported the compatibility of religion and science before.
Cat_Lover says2014-04-03T08:30:05.8791096-05:00
Juan_Pablo, I saw that you are homosexual, science says you are born with it, so, why would you hate science? Or do you think that you are choosing to be gay?
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T08:33:02.8934443-05:00
Romanii - I only did so because God has been torturing me over these last couple of years, forcing me to become something I don't want become. The fact is I HATE people. I can't stand any of you. As evil as your worthless, retarded monster of a God that rules this universe. Now I'm not any better, I'm just as EVIL as all of you! But I want to do something about. I want the world to END! I want it to come to a close! That's all.
Cat_Lover says2014-04-03T08:34:48.1785192-05:00
Hey dude, dont say "retard", its not nice and God wouldn't like it.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T08:35:40.1112521-05:00
And as long as we don't bring the world to an END . . . I PROMISE you will ALL SUFFER!
Zendayalover156 says2014-04-03T09:15:48.0258760-05:00
@juan_pablo what's not to like about science
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T09:18:33.3546760-05:00
Zendayalover, I guess it's not really the science that I hate . . . So much as the people that PERFORM the science. I guess that's what it is!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T10:13:01.1786946-05:00
Okay. I'm obviously a horrible, horrible human being and I'm never going to win any medals for my poor, ridiculous attitude! I apologize in embarrassment to the entire room and the moderators and everyone else watching! Obviously I'm not in my right mine and I was VERY, VERY WRONG to say what I said!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T10:22:52.8801532-05:00
Again, I apologize to everyone in this poll for my poor attitude. It's inexcusable! Sometimes I slip into horrible, horrible moods because of personal issues in my life . . . And I say things out of frustration and exasperation! Please forgive me, everyone! (I'm sure God's going to punish me for this series of outburst by the way.) I apologize to all viewers.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T10:31:41.5485532-05:00
When I was a teenager my favorite subject was astronomy . . . But currently I enjoy chemistry, biology, and physics, even though I wasn't the best student in the subjects at the university level.
Haroush says2014-04-03T13:27:13.3011402-05:00
Hmmm..... Want to talk about trying to make religious people look bad. Then add insult to injury you say this,"I'm sure God's going to punish me for this series of outburst by the way." Shaking my head.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T13:48:30.3253262-05:00
Haroush, just shut the f*ck before I do something about it!
Haroush says2014-04-03T13:54:05.1814727-05:00
Well forgive me if I am wrong, but by you saying what I quoted with your apology doesn't make it seem so sincere.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T13:58:40.5388378-05:00
Haroush, well, its sincerity depends on what you're measuring it from. I'm only saying it for an ulterior motive.
Haroush says2014-04-03T14:16:25.0896618-05:00
[Again, I apologize to everyone in this poll for my poor attitude. It's inexcusable! Sometimes I slip into horrible, horrible moods because of personal issues in my life . . . And I say things out of frustration and exasperation! Please forgive me, everyone! "(I'm sure God's going to punish me for this series of outburst by the way.)" I apologize to all viewers.] Isn't that statement I quoted in conjunction with the rest of it a bit facetious? Think about it. Facetious —used to describe speech that is meant to be funny but that is usually regarded as annoying, silly, or not proper Remember that statement in conjunction with that I quoted of yours.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:19:20.4494301-05:00
Haroush, well, you're wrong. I meant most of it when I was typing it. Then I tried very hard to control the emotional mood I was in and that's when I apologized. I wasn't being facetious. I meant what I typed.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:22:02.1437383-05:00
In fact, I frequently go through these moods. I try very hard to supress them when they come up . . . Very, very hard. But sometimes it comes out anyway.
Haroush says2014-04-03T14:23:43.2005383-05:00
Well, if you truly believe in G-d why would you think he is going to punish you? If anything, all you have to do is be sincere in your heart and ask G-d for forgiveness and he will forgive you. Not only will he forgive you, but he will help change you if you ask him.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:25:12.4949383-05:00
Ah, because that's not the God that's revealed himself to me . . . This God doesn't forgive, not without punishing anyway. He punishes or kills - then forgives.
Haroush says2014-04-03T14:26:24.4577383-05:00
What G-d are you talking about?
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:27:18.0786476-05:00
And it's this realization that spawns a lot of my anger. God has selected me to reveal a devil to the world (it's a very difficult thing to come to grips with).
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:28:45.8405383-05:00
Haroush, I'm speaking of thee God of this universe.
Haroush says2014-04-03T14:32:54.2764027-05:00
Well this still isn't a crystal clear answer.. Why will you not refer to the specific entity you are talking about?
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:33:49.2355550-05:00
Haroush, I'm referring to God.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:35:31.1454115-05:00
It's a stress I have to live with each and every day and I can't stand it!
Haroush says2014-04-03T14:39:11.7520224-05:00
Which one.. The one I believe is the G-d of the universe or are you referring to the Sun God Ra? Perhaps are you referring to Allah? Which one is it? Don't get me wrong I believe in only one G-d that is the creator of the universe, but there are other religions out there that believe there God is too. So, what entity are you specifically referring to? This is the last time I will ask. If you don't give a clear answer, I can only assume you are just saying these things to be facetious.
Haroush says2014-04-03T14:40:14.4108614-05:00
*their God
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:41:43.8456614-05:00
Okay. All of those Gods . . . They're all this God.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-03T14:41:45.4286075-05:00
Oh you two, this is cute.
Haroush says2014-04-03T14:50:59.8336346-05:00
Well, since you are referring to all Gods. This is a clear fallacy as you are not sure which God is the G-d of the universe. Therefore, you don't know which one to blame for your problems. Besides, your own given choices would be the culprit behind your problems, in this case.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:55:56.1956776-05:00
Okay. True. Some of my choices did lead to my problems . . . And other problems exist because wants them to be there, in spite of my choices. The answer is actually pretty gray, but yes I'm responsible for some of them. By the way, I apologize for being aggressive toward you a few posts ago.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T14:57:12.5425505-05:00
Correction: "And other problems exist because God wants them to be there, for other purposes, in spite of the choices I've made . . . "
Haroush says2014-04-03T15:15:10.4782603-05:00
No problem about you being aggressive towards me a few posts ago. Though let's look at what you just said.. [Correction: "And other problems exist because God wants them to be there, for other purposes, in spite of the choices I've made . . . "] Well, if you believe all Gods are G-d, then you have a problem. There would be no absolute G-d then. Not only this, by this thinking, this would mean you don't necessarily believe in G-d as a monotheistic G-d. Which you are referring to the one true G-d. This being said, there is no such thing as a polytheistic God. I am really not trying to be ignorant in any kind of way here. I am just pointing out fallacies in your thinking.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T15:28:45.5792155-05:00
Haroush, well, that's because no one single deity as presented in the past, as far as I can tell, is entirely right; but none is entirely wrong, either. Each of these Gods was an attempted model of a God, a theory of what God is genuinely like. No model appears to be 100% accurate. My own presentation of the God I'm presenting here (a devil God if you want to call it that) may not be entirely accurate, either. Ultimately the view you adhere to is the view you're going to assemble yourself. And that's true of everybody.
ESocialBookworm says2014-04-03T18:29:12.5676886-05:00
People! People! You're both pretty!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T18:42:53.0081478-05:00
Esocialbookworm, yes, but I'm positive I'm going to be punished for this in a big way, from moderators to other important people.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T18:43:25.4251556-05:00
You do the crime, you do the time as they say.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T18:46:28.6327300-05:00
I'll most likely be temporarily banned - and rightfully so. But I SHALL definitely return!
Zendayalover156 says2014-04-08T19:12:38.0076847-05:00
I got called a geek again from my science teacher
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-24T16:33:27.8771271-05:00
I absolutely LOVE SCIENCE!!! I'm glad I received a degree in it!

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