• Yeah

  • Nah

30% 3 votes
70% 7 votes
  • Nah

    Posted by: CKLim
  • no only few covers are better than original

  • Regardless of how much one may enjoy them better than the original, they are just copying and using little creativity, especially if they are just covering vocals with the original music. If they are covering instrumentals also, then it is a little better.

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BblackkBbirdd says2015-04-11T12:32:26.6290147-05:00
This isn't really a yes or no question. Some are better than the original, some aren't.
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-11T14:53:25.5198854-05:00
But the person who made the original thought of those lyrics or tune or whatever.
HannahC2002 says2015-04-15T11:59:52.1770681-05:00
Depends on the song

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