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pozessed says2013-09-16T00:44:07.4488755-05:00
@Yay, do you know what an artificial womb is? I don't understand what you're asking.
MasturDbtor says2013-10-14T10:42:16.4897887-05:00
@ Aphelion So what if an individual feels they have a need for this?
MasturDbtor says2014-11-20T01:03:34.2877442-06:00
@ Aphelion Also consider that shrinking populations are a problem in some countries. And that this wouldn't necessarily mean more babies. It would just mean that pregnant women could opt to have their fetus incubated in an artificial womb instead of having to lug it around in their wombs. Personally I am of the opinion that if artificial wombs become available and they are made freely available to any pregnant woman who would rather not have to bear through her pregnancy that abortion should be illegal. It would no longer infringe on a woman's bodily autonomy to say the fetus couldn't be killed because removing it from her body without death would be possible.

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