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5% 1 votes
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ChrisF says2014-04-13T12:01:27.0710941-05:00
@ESocialBookworm and howardzinn - Just making sure, you realize this move was really pro-gay rights, right?
ESocialBookworm says2014-04-13T12:25:16.2274553-05:00
@ChrisF That's one reason why I liked it
ChrisF says2014-04-13T12:27:02.1281052-05:00
But... On your profile you said you think gays will all go to hell.
ESocialBookworm says2014-04-13T12:32:18.8889122-05:00
@ChrisF Crap. Thanks for pointing that out. I gotta go change that.
ChrisF says2014-04-13T17:08:00.5567172-05:00
Is it that surprising that Rhodesia79 is the only person to say no as of now?
Rhodesia79 says2014-04-13T17:11:09.3486105-05:00
Not really.
Rhodesia79 says2014-04-13T17:15:37.1555272-05:00
I'd vote for the Norsefire party any day.
ChrisF says2014-04-13T18:34:45.2407898-05:00
Yes, the party that gained power by killing 800,000 civilians, all from their own country. Have fun with that.
ChrisF says2014-04-14T11:15:23.4876181-05:00
@Iabarum - Not really statists, just fascists. The movie wasn't necessarily anti-statist.

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