• I love reading because...

  • I loathe reading because...

91% 20 votes
9% 2 votes
  • i just do. it is good.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Reading is great !! I love discovering new worlds (and words).

  • It's so much fun!

  • you learn a lot and I get transported to new worlds

    Posted by: Kylar
  • I was never a reader as a kid, I could never get into Harry Potter or any of the other popular books and thought that it was just because I didn't like reading. It was only until the beginning of senior year when we were assigned to read Brave New World that I discovered a love for reading. I found that I was just not interested in empty adventure or thrill-- I wanted a book to make me think. It's now nearing the end of senior year and I've probably read more books these last 8 months than I have my entire life.

    Posted by: Harper
  • I love reading so much I can read 5 large books per day.

  • It's beautiful discovering other worlds, written by others not knowing what's next.

  • It's very interesting to read stories with great sequences and to expand on my vocabulary.

    Posted by: lol101
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