• Yes

  • No

65% 17 votes
35% 9 votes
  • YES!!!! I love to write poetry!

  • Only in a love poem to a crush. I might try that sometime...

  • Poetry is a craft that is sometimes elevated to art. If you're going to inflict your poetry on others or try to get it published you should study up on the basics and find workshops in order to hone your work.

  • No, not particularly.

  • frequently, i would rather have an icepick stabbed through my eyeball

  • It's okay. I'm not good at it, and that's partially the reason.

  • I don't like to write at all really. Heck, even typing responses is this forum is less about writing and more about getting myself to think.

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Mharman says2017-11-17T03:18:08.5244315Z
Edit: It failed and I got friendzoned.
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T12:47:20.9942370Z
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