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I will rally an army of jelly babies against them
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PetersSmith says2015-04-08T12:14:55.3776677-05:00
British National Party is the best.
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-08T12:24:25.7338991-05:00
@PetersSmith please no
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-08T12:27:31.5164074-05:00
So far, the two people who said no are from England and the person who said yes is from America.
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-08T12:31:11.8316580-05:00
I don't think a lot of the Americans on here understand British politics.
Tonius5 says2015-04-08T16:44:28.1376725-05:00
@Tumblrnatic So it's all about race now, is it? Content of character doesn't matter, just race?
BblackkBbirdd says2015-04-08T16:47:19.6341719-05:00
American isn't a race.
biggest_pro_going says2015-04-08T16:49:10.2220223-05:00
I am British and i don't like the BNP. You Know why? Because i am not a NAZI. I have looked into the BNP and found their hate list is very similar to the Nazis.
Tonius5 says2015-04-08T16:50:06.2441846-05:00
I never said it was.
BblackkBbirdd says2015-04-08T16:58:00.0034340-05:00
Why do you love Ukip so much Tonius5?
Episteme says2015-04-08T17:53:48.7286342-05:00
It is highly unlikely that UKIP will win the general election. The main two parties are Labour and Conservative. So, because it seems also unlikely that either Labour or Conservatives will actually will an absolute majority - a coalition is likely to be formed. It's interesting that a UKIP/Conservative coalition hasn't been discussed. (I don't personally support this whatsoever, but it's interesting that there hasn't been a discussion on it.) Labour and UKIP - is also, for a final time, also unlikely (their differences are further apart then the current Lib-Dem/Conservative coalition.)
Tonius5 says2015-04-08T18:26:06.7602306-05:00
Because they want to fix the issues with immigration, no matter how politically incorrect it seems and want to get the UK out of the EU. That's why I like them.
Heraclitus says2015-04-09T02:28:33.2489730-05:00
Tonius5 you are absolutely right well done. BNP are Nazis but BNP and UKIP are completely different. SwozzatdWizatd I think it says something that Americans know more about British politics than you. Green Party? More like a joke party.
Heraclitus says2015-04-09T02:30:39.5459462-05:00
GabeLipworth- Of you understood about the HS2 you would realise that on the surface it looks good but is really just a vanity project and a waste of our tax money. If it was privately built than that would be fine.
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-09T05:39:23.1213647-05:00
What will UKIP do once it's carried out its immigration policies?
Heraclitus says2015-04-09T11:32:43.1198298-05:00
Cut the foreign aid. End HS2. Abolish the inheritance tax. Make sure our country can decide its own laws... Dou you want more?
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-09T12:10:46.1983236-05:00
I think foreign aid is good because I care about other people.
Heraclitus says2015-04-09T12:28:27.3075720-05:00
Hmmmm. Obviously you care a lot about corrupt leaders of African countries and their splendid private jets because that is where the foreign aid money is going.
Tonius5 says2015-04-09T12:30:18.3941331-05:00
Heraclitus says2015-04-09T12:40:12.0833650-05:00
Also we have to put our own people first. There are people living in poverty in our own country. Surely they should be our priority, not people in poverty in other countries.
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-09T12:44:07.3434393-05:00
Tbh I just don't want Labour or Conservative to just keep winning and not actually change anything. If we don't change anything things can only go bad.
Heraclitus says2015-04-09T13:24:00.8830488-05:00
Real change is UKIP
Heraclitus says2015-04-09T13:24:29.8208523-05:00
In the right direction if you will pardon the pun
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-09T13:28:11.6173869-05:00
I know that UKIP will bring change but I personally don't agree with them.
biggest_pro_going says2015-04-10T06:53:09.7376388-05:00
"Also we have to put our own people first"- Well its a good point apart from the fact that the only reason people come here is because there home countries are poor. Do u know why countries like India/Pakistan are poor? Because Britain Colonized them in the 1800s and that's fine, But if the UK is going to say people who moved to the here are not allowed as much rights as Brits- when Britain made their home countries poor due the invading them, don't u think that's a bit stupid? I mean if u go to there country surly they can come to yours.
biggest_pro_going says2015-04-10T07:26:37.9962177-05:00

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