Do you necessarily need to have male genitalia to be a male and female genitalia to be a female?

Posted by: SegBeg

  • Yes.

  • No.

75% 36 votes
25% 12 votes
  • If you have male genitalia, you are a male. If you have female genitalia, you are a female.

  • It's a general rule and the other option is an exception, as there are exceptions to virtually every rule -- I have to say "yes"

  • i say yes but only because it defines what gender you are if you have a penis as of right now you are male if you have a vagina as of right now you are a female if you are trans depending on your genitalia that is what you are

  • in cases of intersex you will have both genitalia. in this case you are neither just female or just male. you are both by medical abnormality. you have to choose what to call yourself but that does not make you the sex of your choice. in the case of transgender although upsetting you will never be anything but what your DNA tells that you are. if you are murdered and indistinguishable you will be named the sex you where born. Finally the mental state you are in as a transgender is NO different than the mental state a person who believes they can fly are in. The evidence is against them, inside they KNOW the truth. The difference is the risk of treatment vs. belief. a person who believes he can fly will jump off buildings. that is a big risk. the need treatment. the one with gender issues will dress and act different. not dangerous. Still this transgender person will never really be the desired sex and this man will never fly, despite what their tomb stone says.

  • We have words defined for a reason; quit trying to make-up dumb*** **** morons. This shouldn't ever be an in the ****ing world did people **** up such a simple concept. It's irrelevant what opposite traits one exhibits or 'feels like''re still one or the other. Ok kiddies, do take note why this is even an issue/discussion... These BS theories aren't coming from actual scientists; they're coming from progressives (a.k.a. special snowflakes). More aptly put, these 'theories' are coming from folks in the liberal arts, sociology, etc. Folks that really really want to be taken seriously and believe they're part of science...but they're not...they're just not. They're a laughing stock of the real sciences, and all these type of fields can do is make up theories, conjectures, etc. That's it! Nothing more to it...all they have is theories based on what they see and by manipulating statistics <--- very ****ing shallow. Quit accepting their BS as's far from it; they can merely offer a theory to fit social's by no means correct nor accurate. Even if by some miracle one of their BS theories happens to correlate with whatever social behavior, it DOES NOT mean causation.

  • There are 2 genders. The way to tell which gender you are is ; look in your pants or your chest. Gender isn't a social construct, it's science. Get it together world, geez.

  • Okay, so i mainly say no because of the whole "trans bathroom" argument. I understand how some girls identify as a male, and vice versa. But otherwise, youre still physically youre biological gender. Unless youre full on trans.

  • Don’t ignore the laws of nature in order to progress 21st century equality nonsense.

  • People with Klinefelter syndrome, people who have been emasculated or castrated, people who are intersex, people who are trans.

  • Not in today's upside down backwards world

  • No. While most believe that, there is one other sex besides male and female. Some choose to believe in this other sex and others just dismiss it, but it is indeed real. Intersex people do exist. An intersex person could be born with male chromosomes, but have female genitalia. Also, with today's technology, people can easily get TOP surgeries and hormone therapy.

  • you can be who you want, a little one eyed snake shouldn't affect your gender identity.

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Throwback says2016-08-29T19:48:40.8755628Z
In our modern sick world it depends on if you mean what you're born with. In that case, yes, that's what makes you male or female. Those who have feelings otherwise can shove their feelings. They are irrelevant.
MiscoSRB says2016-08-29T21:16:46.9402502Z
Throwback wise words...
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-18T20:54:17.0621596Z
Toroko says2016-09-23T17:16:19.2214479Z
But throwback, isn't it kinda strange that whenever this issue is brought up, conservatives get all emotional and try to shove their personal feelings down our throats?
Toroko says2016-09-23T17:16:51.7324731Z
But throwback, isn't it kinda strange that whenever this issue is brought up, conservatives get all emotional and try to shove their personal feelings down our throats?
SegBeg says2016-09-23T17:41:33.3915050Z
@Toroko, quite the other way round. Liberals are the ones who try to shove their emotions down everyone's throats by calling us "bigots," "homophobes," "transphobes" and any other phobe you can name. They only care about feelings- not facts. Conservatives (well at least most of them) care about FACTS and when they provide facts, liberals always have to respond saying we're just hating on someone. Typical liberal logic.
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-23T21:20:16.8910282Z
When you roast a liberal.

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