Do you need a gun?

Posted by: TBR

Not want. Not like. Not "its my right". Just, do you really need one?

  • Yes

  • No

55% 47 votes
45% 39 votes
  • You need one to protect your family. You need one to protect yourself, and anyone who could come under harm's way.

  • I am going to need a gun. If I consider how many people I make mad, how many death threats I have gotten, and how absurdly weak I am, yeah I am going to need a gun. The alternative would be getting murdered.

  • I say yes. It's always necessary to defend against others who have guns.

  • For protection, a gun is best. I would most likely be unable to subdue someone, otherwise.

  • Yes, I need to be able to protect myself from criminals who may break into my house or assault me in the street. Additionally the right to a gun and the right to form a militia both help limit the power of the government.

    Posted by: Harper
  • Do you need life insurance? You don't plan on dying, but having a plan in case of an extreme scenario is a really really good idea.

  • yes you should because if somebody walked in your house you might need to bear arms to get them to leave or if they try to kill you your ready to defend yourself

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  • Having used one in self defense (once in an attempted mugging where no shots were fired and once against a boar in the woods while I was dove hunting), yes I need one. I live in a pretty bad area due to lack of research of the area when I first moved to my home, and I don't feel safe without one. Coincidentally, there was a double homicide between two "groups" less than 1/4th mile from my house just last night, I would post the link to the news segment, but its 2 blocks from my house and you guys don't need to know where it is.

  • Protect self and family.

  • The riots in Baltimore and recent events should encourage people to purchase a weapon

  • If I want to go shooting then of course!

  • I'd recommend it because it's the most effective way to protect yourself and your family.

  • I want to be able to defend myself when there is an intruder in my home or someone gries to hurt me.

  • Yes. Having a gun negates the advantage that any criminals might otherwise have against me. A firearm is needed to shift that advantage in my favor.

  • It is because I need to protect myself from crazed criminals and other threats. Without a gun, I could easily be killed, 911 does nothing because the police cannot respond faster than an a person with a shotgun or small firearm can.

  • Do I need a gun? No. Do I want a gun? Yes. Will I get a gun? Yes. Will I try and keep my gun? Yes.

  • Probably because I live in a country like Canada, which isn't riddled with crime and murder, lol.

  • No, because I live in the UK and I don't need a gun to protect myself because no one else has guns either.

  • i dont need to escalate any violent situations so no i dont keep one around.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Well.... in my day (2001) WE HAD DIGITAL GUNS! RAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • No you do not. I've survived to this point without a gun, they are not necessary. They give many a sense of safety but they are not necessary. I personally would like to see the process of getting a gun made much more difficult so that we don't have all these shootings going on anymore. A gun shouldn't be used for shooting human beings unless you are threatened first.

  • Nobody really needs one. Millions of Americans get by without one.

  • I kinda want one though.

    Posted by: ashkan
  • no way, the fact that many people think it's okay to have a gun is actually disgusting. Many may use it for self-defence in some cases but it still gives no human any right to take another persons life.

  • Of course not! you can be street savvy enough not to be mugged or to protect yourself. I'm not up for killing for protection personally

  • No, I'm a walrus

  • If no one has a gun, there's not much to protect yourself from because no one else has one.

    Posted by: kt302
  • I've lived my entire life without a gun. I don't need one and never will. It saddens me that others are in the position where they believe they do. America must be a really shitty country to be so afraid of not having a gun.

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TBR says2015-05-14T23:18:52.4256968-05:00
@Cowboy0108 - Can you elaborate on the need?
TBR says2015-05-14T23:25:50.2620192-05:00
@Varrack - Me, my father, my grandfather. We all had family's, and a gun has not been necessary to protect any of us for as far back as I can be sure of.
Varrack says2015-05-14T23:39:58.5627953-05:00
TBR - That could change. If you've never needed to use your first aid kit for as long as you can remember, does that mean you shouldn't have one?
58539672 says2015-05-14T23:48:13.9269016-05:00
It also depends on your occupation.
PetersSmith says2015-05-15T00:20:44.7571010-05:00
Having a gun is not a basic human "need".
Najs says2015-05-15T00:31:22.0876718-05:00
Do I want a gun? No, not really. Do i need a gun? Yes, in order to protect myself and my family. Otherwise risk being murdered without any good form of protection. We do not live in Utopia and crime is real. I can at least increase my chances of protecting myself and the ones who I love when life is being threatened.
TBR says2015-05-15T00:32:24.9987087-05:00
@Varrack - Lots of situations can "change". There is, in this case, good history for not needing this (in my opinion destructive and dangerous) device. I would like more people to rationally come to the same conclusion.
TBR says2015-05-15T00:34:50.9700525-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - I can say in all honesty, I am not a violent guy. My father before be, and grandfather. We all have and do continue to piss people off, I would venture the guess more than you. Still no gun necessary.
Varrack says2015-05-15T00:38:05.4620432-05:00
@TBR - Ok, that's great you have an opinion, but you lack evidence. I cannot reach the same conclusion as you because I have not seen any good reasons against this "device".
Pablo.Guerrero27 says2015-05-15T03:44:00.4006534-05:00
Hummm.... If i got easily a gun, everyone can get another, and the world will be like the wild west ... Or worst, like México. Gunfire in every corner.
briantheliberal says2015-05-15T03:44:30.0098330-05:00
Varrack, he lacks evidence because he says that he has never needed gun? What about this statement requires evidence? There is no need to defend guns in every situation, especially because they are used to commit senseless murders and threaten other people. You are one of those people who think guns, and people who own them, can do no wrong which isn't the case because reality shows the contrary.
biggest_pro_going says2015-05-15T03:56:55.0560984-05:00
In the UK no one has guns and the murder rates are lower... So having guns makes you less safe
BblackkBbirdd says2015-05-15T06:04:54.2114342-05:00
Some people legally have guns in the UK actually.
AbbytheRitter says2015-05-15T06:08:25.9139299-05:00
Yes, but they're hard to get and licenses are regulated. Gun-related crime here is incredibly low.
Lumberjay85 says2015-05-15T07:02:32.8463292-05:00
That's some great pseudoscience, biggest_pro_going. Do you have any sources that show that the lack of guns is directly related to the low murder rate? Otherwise, I could argue that water is dangerous, because everyone who has every consumed water has died. Without sources to back your statement up, it has just as much weight as mine.
tajshar2k says2015-05-15T07:30:22.9725408-05:00
I need one probably, but I wish I didn't.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-15T07:59:57.5264912-05:00
I "need" a gun in the same way I "need" insurance in any form. It's not a basic human need, no. But perhaps a more complex one. It's a form of social responsibility really.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T08:01:45.4018742-05:00
@Lumberjay85, Actually water is mildly toxic. If you drink too much water, your blood can become diluted too much, which can cause your brain to expand and crush itself in the skull, killing you.
Khaos_Mage says2015-05-15T08:06:41.8992754-05:00
I do like this question. Very nice.
TheHappyReaper says2015-05-15T08:12:58.6840185-05:00
You know you could just use tazers or pepper spray to protect yourself
tajshar2k says2015-05-15T08:15:45.2820914-05:00
Guns are pretty cool though you gotta admit.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T08:20:04.5451656-05:00
Tasers can be quite inefficient against a threat. If you miss, you are done for. Pepper spray is also likely to hurt the user as well, also can fail in certain situations. There are several situations where the only thing that can save your life is having a gun.
Harper says2015-05-15T08:27:40.6950136-05:00
Even if there was no immediate criminal threat to owning a gun, the right to a gun is a political necessity, as it helps to limit the power of the government. Now, governments most certainly do have better weaponry, but I stand more of a chance against a tyrannical government with an M1A than with a butter-knife, that's for sure. Not only that, but an armed country is one where individual politicians must take into account the likelihood of an assassination attempt, no doubt causing them to think twice about being unjust to the people.
geauxpelicans5 says2015-05-15T08:34:13.7167233-05:00
There are some situations in life where having a grenade is the only thing that can save a person's life, but I don't think owning a grenade is a need. That same thing applies with a gun. You do not need a gun in society, or there are certain cities where having a gun is definitely closer to being a need than in others.
Harper says2015-05-15T08:47:36.5019166-05:00
Some sources to better inform the debate: *https://www.Justfacts.Com/guncontrol.Asp (Pro-gun, lists sources at the end, also is an infographic) *http://americangunfacts.Com/ (Pro-gun, lists sources in convenient footnotes) *https://www.Dosomething.Org/facts/11-facts-about-guns# (Somewhat pro-control, lists sources at the end)
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-15T08:50:01.8130072-05:00
And of course this ... Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=pELwCqz2JfE
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T09:02:57.5751456-05:00
"There are some situations in life where having a grenade is the only thing that can save a person's life," I am having trouble thinking of situations where grenades are the only option. But anyways for some people, having a gun is a need for survival, because they are far more likely to be in situations where a gun is the only thing that can save them.
TBR says2015-05-15T09:04:13.9115314-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - Do these people include you? Have you ever needed a gun?
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T09:06:13.3665674-05:00
@TBR, as of now I don't need one, because my granddad has one. But in the future, I should get a gun if I don't want to get murdered.
TBR says2015-05-15T09:07:35.4973158-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - I am not trying to make this hard, or argumentative. Have you needed the gun your grandfather keeps?
TBR says2015-05-15T09:09:24.9378862-05:00
I'm not even talking - "there was an intruder in the house" need. I am talking about all sorts of need. Your statement, Varracks, they are not talking need.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T09:12:47.5410834-05:00
@TBR, As of now, my granddad hasn't needed the gun for self defense purposes. But as of now, I have been mostly living under a rock from the issues of the world. In the future, I would be in situations where people may murder me for my view points.
TBR says2015-05-15T09:14:55.4697564-05:00
A large part at what I am questioning is - the assumption of "need". People who like guns, people that want guns, fine. But, do they really need guns. Varrack, you talk Chicago again. I have walked around the Pilsen and Stony Island neighborhoods in Chicago without a gun. Known to wear nice watches at times, I also virtually never go anywhere without a laptop slung over my shoulder. I have walked around with no additional fear, none that would make me say "Boy, wish I had a gun on me".
TBR says2015-05-15T09:17:06.8457340-05:00
@MGJ - This is all just conversational, but again, I KNOW there were MORE people gunning for my family, and needing the gun is still very low.
Khaos_Mage says2015-05-15T09:23:36.6295311-05:00
@TBR, would you say police, secret service, and private bodyguards need guns to do their job?
Varrack says2015-05-15T09:28:03.4670588-05:00
TBR, your argument is easy to refute. You're saying "if I haven't used X, I will never need X". How do you know one won't come in handy in the future?
TBR says2015-05-15T09:51:29.3880495-05:00
Varrack - Thats NOT what I am saying, nor am I attempting to create the standard debate. I COULD say that 16,000+ days of NOT needing a gun is good evidence that I will not need one in the future. I WILL say that I KNOW that I have not needed one for 16000+ days.
TBR says2015-05-15T09:52:42.6243279-05:00
Khaos_Mage - I do NOT believe that police, SS or bodyguards ALWAYS need guns.
mdmark says2015-05-15T09:57:05.3216672-05:00
You people only analyze the cons of a situation. You need to examine the pros and cons
Khaos_Mage says2015-05-15T09:57:31.2193220-05:00
@TBR, so you agree that they do need a gun. If you need a gun at one point, it necessitates one. So, if they need a gun, sometimes, why would it not follow that ordinary citizens would need a gun at some point?
TBR says2015-05-15T10:00:40.4965486-05:00
@Khaos_Mage - That may be true. Do YOU need a gun, that is the question.
Khaos_Mage says2015-05-15T10:07:12.0800518-05:00
@TBR, do I personally need one? Probably not. But, I can't say for certain I would never need one, just the police cannot say this. Just like you haven't needed one in the past, it does not not mean you will never need one, just that you MAY not require one. I would say the uncertainty qualifies as a need, since there are clearly situations where a gun is needed.
Khaos_Mage says2015-05-15T10:08:55.1007833-05:00
And, clearly, it depends on many factors. I'd say house owners are more likely to fear burglary than secured entry apartment dwellers. A rich man is more likely to be targeted specifically for burglary/home invasion than a poor man.
BenjaminLufkin says2015-05-15T10:14:21.4882740-05:00
The reason we need guns is to protect ourselves from tyrannical government
TBR says2015-05-15T10:15:13.5076301-05:00
@Khaos_Mage - This poll started because of the concealed/open carry question. I have no good reason for caring around a gun 16,000+ days for the OFF chance that I need it. That, to me, is bizarre behavior to me.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T10:16:42.1708776-05:00
@TBR, did you not get the measles vaccine for the off chance you came in contact with the measles virus?
Varrack says2015-05-15T10:18:03.1047152-05:00
@TBR - Ok, let's assume you don't need a gun. Will you acknowledge the fact that other people are in different situations than you and probably do need a gun much more than yourself?
TBR says2015-05-15T10:23:16.4035318-05:00
Varrack - Sure, but I doubt that MOST people that carry a gun are at greater risk than me.
Khaos_Mage says2015-05-15T10:23:50.0375630-05:00
It may be odd behavior, but so is having fire insurance on my house, or even locking my doors when I leave. But, there is a difference between me needing a gun, and me needing others to have a gun, right (i.E. The open carry question). After all, you believe police need a gun, so why not allow others, or allow me, to be a protector/deterrant? If I need a gun to save others, it is not just my need, it is their's as well.
TBR says2015-05-15T10:26:01.6774160-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - If there were a vaccine to protect me from being assaulted I would take it. If I have to carry a gun (with all the negatives I perceive) then NO!
Varrack says2015-05-15T10:26:28.8943996-05:00
@MGJ - I think this poll is assuming that you need a gun for carry holding. If people are at a low risk, I don't see why they should carry a firearm everywhere if they can just store it at home for safekeeping.
TBR says2015-05-15T10:29:18.0571354-05:00
@Khaos_Mage - With respect, I think very few people who carry are "protector/deterrant". I feel they are net negatives to my happy society, and potential additional dangers.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T10:30:18.9349488-05:00
" If I have to carry a gun (with all the negatives I perceive) then NO!" Exactly what are the negatives of CCW? Do you not trust yourself with using it morally and effectively?
TBR says2015-05-15T10:36:13.6749230-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - I don't trust that any potential benefit outweighs the additional risks.
TBR says2015-05-15T10:37:20.3410374-05:00
@Varrack - That is the main reason for the question, but I am happy to have people answer in any way they feel. I feel the same way about a gun at home.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T10:45:18.5039031-05:00
@TBR, you still haven't said what are the additional risks which is what I was asking you to specify.
TBR says2015-05-15T10:48:22.7158277-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - A gun is additional danger by design. Hot lead shoots out the barrel at alarming speeds. It is intellectually dishonest to deny that it has potential to be harmful.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T10:50:07.3119104-05:00
So the risk you consider to be greater than the insurance of protection, is the safety failing?
TBR says2015-05-15T10:56:39.3275648-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - What you want is scenario. Fine. Lets put me back in Stony Island. Still caring my laptop (worth ~$1,700) and still wearing my watch (~$1,000). I have no gun: Someone wants said laptop and watch. I give it to them. Transaction complete, TBR out -$2,700. I have a gun: Someone wants said laptop and watch. I pull my gun. The situation has escalated. One of us may shoot the other. Regardless of who shoots whom, I would rather loose the 2700 then have either shot.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T11:00:30.0068827-05:00
@TBR, so you don't trust yourself to not use the gun? Just because you have said gun in CCW, doesn't mean you have to use it on minor situations.
CommunistDog says2015-05-15T11:02:25.8560526-05:00
What about suicidal terrorists and criminals such as the Colorado columbine? My opinion is that Law Enforcement should have a gun, if anyone should be allowed to have one.
TBR says2015-05-15T11:05:10.5642786-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - I am evaluating risk/reward and I would like more people who carry to do the same. I could make up situations all day where a gun is dangerous, and others could make up situations where they need one. The point is, the danger of the gun is omnipresent where the situation where it will be helpful is (from my perspective) rare.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T11:10:50.9048087-05:00
@TBR, the risk you are describing is only based on one specific situation, where you chose let the risk happen. If you consider using a gun when you are being robbed an unnecessary risk then just don't pull out your gun. So exactly what is a risk of merely having the gun?
CommunistDog says2015-05-15T11:14:11.7963030-05:00
TBR's reasoning can relate to many other situations, many of which are common.
TBR says2015-05-15T11:14:33.0593756-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - As I said, I don't want this to turn into a typical debate, but I will humor you. There are plenty of situations where a gun adds danger. There are cases of women dropping their purse and guns "going off". There are cases of people cleaning their guns "the gun went off". There are cases of young kids pulling the gun out of the holster and shooting. There are cases of malfunctioning holsters, putting the gun into the holster fired the gun. The list is long, my point clear. It, by its very design, adds risk.
TBR says2015-05-15T11:16:31.3712924-05:00
@CommunistDog - Would you elaborate?
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T11:20:21.4198445-05:00
@TBR, So again, you just don't trust the safety on a guns, etc. So if there was a pistol with a large amount of safety mechanisms (such pistols exist), what would be your reason not to get it?
CommunistDog says2015-05-15T11:22:24.6378214-05:00
You, TBR, have given good reasoning. Your proposal of a criminal situation follows one of the most common situations. A criminal wants a possession of yours, you give it to them, tey most likely spare you without giving you an injury.
TBR says2015-05-15T11:31:39.4277340-05:00
@CommunistDog - Right. And the line where monetary loss makes me want to pick up a gun is... Nonexistent. Stuff is stuff.
CommunistDog says2015-05-15T11:32:12.0422704-05:00
Is communism stuff cuz... Stuff is stuff...
TBR says2015-05-15T11:39:03.8774320-05:00
@CommunistDog - I had a very nice car not too long ago. Loved that car. It would pain me to have someone take it. Well, I destroyed the car. Drove it off a small(ish) cliff in Monticito CA. Hated myself for that. The end however, I was not hurt, no one else was hurt. Meh... Now I have a SAAB. Way more fun.
58539672 says2015-05-15T12:45:17.2505933-05:00
The only things we "need" is food, water, and shelter. Everything else is optional.
CommunistDog says2015-05-15T13:06:00.6935134-05:00
Why would u drive a car off a cliff?!
TBR says2015-05-15T13:07:54.5590227-05:00
@CommunistDog - For lots of terrible reasons. First on the list is, driving a powerful car on wet winding road.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-15T13:20:55.3649834-05:00
@TBR "This poll started because of the concealed/open carry question. I have no good reason for caring around a gun 16,000+ days for the OFF chance that I need it. That, to me, is bizarre behavior to me." This is exactly why I compare it to having insurance. I have gone thousands of days without needing health insurance or car insurance ... Yet for some reason people think I should be required to have them. They probably base the numbers off of total accidents and expenditures across the board ... Not just me or my family's use of them. Perhaps thats how you should view guns? You personally don't need them ... But most everywhere else in the world requires them ... You should get one by proxy? Our enemies aren't as far away as you might think.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-15T13:24:20.6324150-05:00
If we could teleport one to you at the instant you needed it ... That would be wonderful. Until then, we need to be able to carry them into the situation independently to ensure it's there should the need arise. Not saying you 'have' to have one or 'need' one, simply that you need to be 'able' to if you choose.
TBR says2015-05-15T14:08:37.6388799-05:00
@FreedomBeforeEquality - "But most everywhere else in the world requires them", but I just don't see this. Most places you just DON'T need it. As for insurance, insurance is just costs. Insurance has no potential to do additional damage. It has no negative connotation for society.
TBR says2015-05-15T14:15:43.3567366-05:00
@FreedomBeforeEquality - (and other gun carrying friends). I am going to be blunt about this, please forgive me. The vision that many gun carry people have of themselves as "protectors" or "prepared" or what have you. What many on the don't carry guns side see is paranoia, fear and machismo. I am saying this to be truthful, not to bicker.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-15T14:24:51.8612762-05:00
@TBR, you have given only two negatives, both are null and void with the issue. Your first was a situation escalating because you "pulled out" your gun. To be quite frank, you could have a CCW and choose to not pull it out because of fear of escalating the situation. So your first negative isn't a reason for you not to own a gun. Your second reason was accidental misfire. This negative is void because there are weapons with multiple safeties, and protective mechanisms. There pistols for you to buy that have multiple safety features. Do have any other negatives, because the ones you just gave are meaningless?
TBR says2015-05-15T14:29:01.2430723-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe - I am pleading with you to not turn this into the typical bickering scenario. I will give you a more probable (to me) disastrous outcome given any type of weapon. Let's do it like this. Find me the safest possible gun on the market. The safest holster. Give me these two, and lets talk about potential failure, OK?
TBR says2015-05-15T14:57:43.9278512-05:00
MKG. 1) you have NO gun. What is the potential for your nonexistent gun to cause you any additional form. 2) you have A gun, The potential for negative outcome is greater than zero , follow me?
58539672 says2015-05-15T15:05:37.0349921-05:00
@TBR Although that argument does make sense, it is a bit broad. Most of the tools and luxury items that we use in society can fit in that same category. Cars for instance are one of the most dangerous tool that any human being can use. We don't necessarily need them but they are a luxury that we really want. When dealing with any piece of equipment you have to ask yourself if the pros out way the cons, not whether you need it or not.
TBR says2015-05-15T15:27:22.4044644-05:00
I don't entirely disagree with that point. The gun however is serving a very vertical purpose. In my estimations, it's presence is more harmful to society that helpful.
TBR says2015-05-15T15:29:36.0695097-05:00
Let me make this point as well. I'm not a fan of people who wear pants around their butts. I find it purposely annoying. I feel similarly about people carrying guns. I would rather be in a room full of people with their pants around their ass in a room full of people with guns
58539672 says2015-05-15T15:53:30.3907005-05:00
@TBR I think that has more to do with your own environmental conditioning. Personally, I grew up around guns. Ive inherited many firearms from my father, my grandfather, and his father before him. Some are so old that Ive decided to retire them to pure decoration rather than actually use them. I live in a rural neighborhood were hunting is common and target shooting is a great way to pass the time. I see people walk into convenience stores with shotguns on the back and at the high school their is a little security area with gun racks for students to drop off their firearms (they were probably out hunting that morning and didn't have time to go home) before they enter the building. Im not afraid of firearms, I now how to use them safely, and I really enjoy shooting them. My community feels the same way.
TBR says2015-05-15T16:04:13.8737271-05:00
I don't disagree with that point one bit. It is highly cultural. That however, flies in the face of the necessity argument. Varrack for example saying that you would need a gun in Chicago. If you are A hunter it's part of your culture and that's okay, that's understandable. I grow very tired of arguing that the world is so dangerous every guy needs to strap on the side arm to go to the quickie Mart, it's just not realistic .
TBR says2015-05-15T16:10:14.4099493-05:00
Just as an aside, if I were to get a gun it would be a very old break action double barrel shotgun. Like a 14 gage.
58539672 says2015-05-15T16:28:41.6341443-05:00
@TBR Personally I don't much agree with the whole "protection" argument. I want guns because they are essentially a hobby item for me. I feel no immediate danger to myself or my family to the point were I want to be armed 24/7. And I can also attest that certain areas of this country are better off without firearms. In my state, Delaware, the city of Wilmington is one of the most violent cities in the US. They have much stricter gun laws than the rest of the state and I definitely don't want to see more firearms flood into that sh*thole. But I don't want people in Dover or Washington deciding if my community should have guns just because Wilmington or other cities like it can't use them properly. That is why Im against these gun laws that I hear left leaning politicians making. Leave the decision to the state and local governments to decide, not the federal. That way everyone can get a little of what they want.
58539672 says2015-05-15T16:33:31.6712984-05:00
I have an old 12 gauge from the 30's that my grandfather gave me. It was a police shotgun that was used when they took the prisoners out to do field work. Its a cool gun, but when he gave it to me I found out that it doesn't have a safety on it. They didn't invent them yet. You have to be careful with older guns, they are not as safe as more modern ones.
TBR says2015-05-15T16:57:17.6405441-05:00
Too point one. Gun control is not one size fits all. That is not to say that rural areas need to be free to have fully auto AKs, but areas steeped in traditional hunting have different priorities and those living in The burbs of a large city. It's also odd to me, or interesting anyway, that rural people are often very misguided about the dangers of the city. You're safer than a kitten strolling around downtown Chicago at midnight.
TBR says2015-05-15T17:01:52.5784689-05:00
Too point two. Skeet shooting is fun! I have no interest in some sort of very elaborate, but a little gun would be fun
CannedBread says2015-07-09T16:42:19.6706358-05:00
Do you know who I haven't seen in forever? Biggest_Pro_Going, and briantheliberal.
TBR says2015-07-09T17:29:24.4825066-05:00
Been missing briantheliberal.
TalkingWaffle69 says2015-09-10T13:22:09.0063845Z
Alright I forgot to put a reason why I need a gun. 2 miles out of a small town where everybody knows everybody so I don't really need to worry about someone breaking in. I do need a gun though. I need it in case coyotes come after my cows or if there is a skunk in my yard or something. If there is an animal that needs to be put out of its misery, a gun is the best way to do it. And if by some chance someone does come to my home, I will probably need a gun.
Anonymous123467876 says2016-07-21T00:19:48.4602183Z
Yea I do I mean what can I do if one day someone points a gun at me, well that's not how I intend to die so I'll pull a gun out shoot the person and that's that. If someone wants to kill u then u should defend ur life

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