Do you notice that your notifications on debate.Org being flooded by new users?

Posted by: triangle.128k

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triangle.128k says2015-07-27T11:21:21.5210563-05:00
These people are coming and voting on a ton of old polls only to flood your notification bar. 'gorcs' has just flooded my notifications.
tajshar2k says2015-07-27T11:46:49.1703441-05:00
Ya some guy did it too me also. Super ancient polls
TBR says2015-07-27T11:54:31.5973241-05:00
I have made a poll about this twice, and each time, it was me that was apparently the jerk. Its not that I want to discourage new users, or that I think they should know better, or anything like that, only that it is annoying to have the notifications flood-out what I am currently tracking.
TBR says2015-07-27T11:55:43.0371719-05:00
If they made comments that may spark new conversations, it might be better, but its just votes. OK, so the poll that was split 25/5 is now 25/6. Great!
Varrack says2015-07-27T11:56:11.1355918-05:00
Just turn notifications off.
Kreakin says2015-07-27T12:03:47.1974544-05:00
I leave my polls open so can't complain that people vote on them. Set a closing date if you don't want long term polls.
lannan13 says2015-07-27T12:48:10.7633833-05:00
Define new users.
PetersSmith says2015-07-27T14:06:04.7709084-05:00
You shouldn't even complain. It's good that new users are going onto this site and voting on older polls. The polls are always open, unless someone set a specific date for them to be closed. "Complaining" about it is just discouraging the new users.
Kreakin says2015-07-28T16:42:37.9912920-05:00
When I said can't I meant wouldn't. I like to see the polls come back up ever now and then.
Leaning says2018-07-15T04:18:40.5806615Z
Kowloon Walled City

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